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Toll information for France

The use of the freeways in France is subject to tolls. DKV Mobility customers can pay the tolls either with the DKV BOX EUROPE,TIS PL, DKV BOXSELECT for HGVs or Liber-t BOX for cars.

Toll provider TIS PL, Liber-t, DKV BOX EUROPE

General information



Valid for vehicles Routes Billing
≤ 3,5 t & max. height of 3 m incl. trailerFreeways, bridges, tunnels, parking lotsLiber-t BOX
> 3,5 t Freeways, bridges, tunnels, parking lotsDKV BOX EUROPE , TIS PL, SELECT
≤ 3,5 t Fréjus and Mont Blanc Tunnel DKV CARD
> 3,5 t Fréjus and Mont Blanc TunnelDKV CARD
Fréjus CARD - Consorzio DKV
> 3,5 t, Rungis wholesale marketDKV CARD

Guideline for trucks

Truck on the road

The abbreviation TIS PL "Télépéage Inter-Sociétés Poids Lourds" refers to the French toll system for trucks of categories 3 and 4. Approximately 9,000 km of French motorways (PDF), several bridges and tunnels are subject to toll for all vehicles of 3.5 t and higher.

There are 3 criteria that determine vehicle categories on French toll-roads:

  • the maximum height of the vehicle combination
  • the maximum allowed weight weight of the tractor
  • the number of axles (with ground contact/ vehicle combination)

Most French toll operators allow an additional TIS PL discount (PDF) for using the DKV BOX.

The DKV BOX is also accepted by the toll systems VIA T in Spain and VIA VERDE/SCUT in Portugal, in the Liefkenshoek Tunnel between Antwerp and Rotterdam, in the Warnow and Herren Tunnels in Germany and at certain vehicle parks .

The nearest toll station can be found with the help of the interactive French motorway network . You will also receive traffic information real-time.

Directive for vehicles up to and including 3.5 tonnes and under 3 m and less than 3 m in height

Transporter on the road

The Liber-t BOX offers you convenient toll processing without having to stop at toll stations. The toll box is suitable for vehicles up to 3.5 t (motorbikes, cars, vans) GVW and a maximum vehicle height of 3 m, including trailers, and enables cashless payment of tolls for French motorways, bridges, tunnels (except Fréjus and Mont Blanc) and numerous car parks.

Toll roads with the Liber-t BOX

With the Liber-t BOX, you can benefit from all the advantages of electronic tolls and be sure that you can move quickly without waiting and without a ticket at the stations of the French motorway network (with the exception of the Fréjus and Mont Blanc tunnels). The toll box is easy to install, ready for immediate use and particularly suitable for frequent travellers.

Parking with the Liber-t BOX

You can use your Liber-t BOX to pay for parking in the following car parks:

You can find an overview of all car parks in the DKV Mobility App.

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Tunnels & Bridges


At the tunnels listed below, the fees can be paid using the DKV CARD.

  • Mont Blanc Tunnel between Le Fayet/F and Aosta/I
  • Tunnel Fréjus between Chambéry/ F and Torino/I


Easy Payment with the DKV Card

The Liber-t BOX is the right choice for vehicles up to and including 3.5 tonnes and under 3 metres.

Learn more about our toll boxes

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Easy installation and immediately ready for use
  • Fast passage through all toll stations without stopping
  • Take advantage of attractive discounts




Benefits for DKV customers

  • Easy installation and ready for immediate use
  • Fast passage through all toll stations without stopping
  • Take advantage of attractive discounts
  • The DKV BOX provides convenient access to secure truck parks, as well as cash-free payment there. There is no charge for shipping, cancellation or re-personalisation of the DKV BOX.

Important tips for TIS PL

FAQ: Customer complaints about TIS PL invoices

Pay attention use the correct lane. Here's a list (PDF) of the different lane markings.

Certain lanes at French toll plazas are reserved for category 4 vehicles. When using this lane, the vehicle is automatically charged the category 4 tariff. These reserved lanes are located to the right-hand side of toll plazas and are marked with an orange hexagon with a truck sign or the words "Classe 4".

Reserved lanes are available at the following toll plazas:

  • Saint Amoult (A10)
  • Artenay (A10)
  • Orléans Nord (A10)
  • Tours Nord (A10)
  • St. Christophe/ Nais (A28)
  • Veigné (A85)
  • Vierzon centre (A71)

Don't risk being charged the wrong tariff!

When passing through the toll plaza, please ensure that you use the correct lane. This will save you money and your vehicle will always be charged the correct tariff.


On the list of passages attached to your invoice, you'll be able to tell from the Lane column the passages on which the reserved lane was used. You can also use the online DKV eREPORTING system to obtain a free analysis of vehicles using the wrong lane. This will give you a quick and easy overview of the transactions involved and you can ask your drivers to use the correct lanes!

Tempo 30 lanes: This new innovative service on the French motorway network is available at an increasing number of toll plazas.

Vehicles using this lane are able to drive through at a speed of up to 30 km/h – the toll is automatically charged without the vehicle needing to stop. A smooth run through a toll plaza saves DKV customers fuel and reduces their journey time! The vehicle category is determined by an optical recognition system. Antennas identify the number plate, triggering a green light and raising the barrier.

The vehicle class is determined by an optical detection system. Antennas recognize the license plate, triggering the green traffic light and the opening of the barrier.

For your DKV BOX to be recognized on this lane,

  • it must be positioned correctly behind the windscreen,
  • you must maintain a maximum speed of 30 km/h,
  • you must keep a safe distance and
  • your DKV BOX must be fully functional!
  • Attention: If the gate is closed or there's a red light, you shouldn't use this lane
  • Note: At some toll plazas, Tempo 30 lanes are located to the left-hand side. Please take care here!
  • In the event of a problem, intercom systems are available at all toll plazas to enable drivers to seek assistance

Have you ever seen the abbreviation "TLPC" on your TIS PL passage list? If so, you are probably also bothered being billed the "Tarif le plus cher" or "Maximum tariff" in English. The following tips and tricks will enable you to avoid being charged the wrong amount in the future:

The two main reasons for incorrectly charged transactions are:

  1. maximum tariff charged,
  2. your vehicle was assigned the wrong category at a toll plaza

One reason for the maximum tariff (TLPC) being charged is that the maximum amount of time permitted on the road network was exceeded. Depending on the toll operator, vehicles may remain on the motorway for a maximum of between 24 and 48 hours. These TLPCs cannot be reclaimed. Below is a list of the periods permitted on the various French networks:

A maximum of 24 hours is permitted on the following networks

  • Adelac
  • Alienor
  • AREA
  • ASF
  • SAPN

A maximum of 48 hours is permitted on the following networks

  • ALIS
  • APRR
  • ATMB

No restrictions on time on the following network:

  • Alicorne


Avoid being charged the maximum tariff by not exceeding the maximum period permitted. The use of the section of the A19 motorway (ARCOUR) between “Savigny sur Clairis” and “St-Hilaire-les-Andrésis” is free of charge if the journey time is less than 30 minutes. If this section is used for longer than 30 minutes, then the French toll operator ARCOUR will bill the maximum toll charge.

After 24 hours, a free analysis of all passages made the previous day is available free of charge to DKV BOX users via DKV eREPORTING. Customers are therefore able to establish quickly and easily where and when they have been charged the maximum tariff due to the permitted period being exceeded and are able to draw their drivers' attention to this in order to save money!

The maximum tariff (TLPC) is also charged if the operator is unable to determine the distance actually covered because information about the entry or exit point was not correctly checked. The operator will then charge the longest distance.

Incorrect checking of entry or exit point may be due to one of three different factors:

  1. Wrong lane was used,
  2. Defective toll point,
  3. Defective DKV BOX!

Under the French toll scheme, the vehicle category serves as the basis for the scale of charges.

Your vehicle category is determined on the basis of the following 3 criteria:

  1. Height of the vehicle,
  2. Permitted total weight,
  3. Number of axles (with ground contact)

Classes 3 and 4 cover all vehicles whose total height exceeds 3 m or whose permitted total weight exceeds 3.5 t (heavy goods vehicles = TIS PL). Class 3 vehicles differ from class 4 vehicles solely in number of axles: Class 3 vehicles have a maximum of 2 axles and class 4 vehicles have more than 2 axles.

In France, the DKV BOX can be used in category 3 or category 4 trucks and busses to pay tolls electronically. Although the class of vehicle is recorded in the DKV BOX, operators don't use it to calculate the amount due in tolls. The operator checks the class of vehicle as it passes through the toll plaza. It is either checked by toll plaza personnel or via sensors on automatic lanes. It may happen that the class of vehicle is wrongly identified and "overclassified".

You do of course have the opportunity to dispute transactions such as this later with the relevant operators – provided you didn't use lanes reserved for class 4 vehicles.

  • Keep a minimum distance of 5m

To enable the DKV BOX to be correctly recognized, the driver should ensure that he keeps a minimum distance of 5m from the vehicle in front at the toll plaza. Please also ensure that the DKV BOX is positioned correctly in accordance with our user manual.

  • Notification of a defective toll station

Please let us know if you're regularly charged the maximum tariff at a certain toll plaza or regularly use a defective lane. We'll contact the operator and draw his attention to the problem.

  • Free replacement of a defective DKV BOX

If you're frequently charged the maximum tariff, it's possible that your DKV BOX is defective. If this is the case, simply contact your sales representative and he'll arrange for the defective DKV BOX to be replaced free of charge and discuss the most convenient time to do this with you. Remember to return your old DKV BOX to us so you don't incur any additional charge.


"Maximum tariff" analyses are available via your "Alert Reports" in DKV eREPORTING. This enables you to identify the relevant transactions at a glance and file the appropriate complaint!

This report also enables you to find out free of charge when you received or will receive the credit from the toll operator. You have the option of sorting your toll transactions by "sign". This means you can simply sort transactions by "-" and check whether or not the adjustment has been made.

If a vehicle joins and leaves the motorway at the same toll station, it will be charged the maximum TLPC tariff. This concerns in particular toll station n°6 “Aire de l’Adour Nord” on the A65 (Alienor) motorway , i.e. if you arrive through entry n°6 and want to take a break at the “Aire de l’Adour” service station, you should not leave at the same exit.

What matters is the journey time:

If the journey time between the entry and exit is less than 15 minutes, only the minimum tariff will be charged.

If the journey time is greater than 15 minutes, the maximum tariff will be charged.

Our recommendation: Leave at the next exit „”Aire de l’Adour Sud” (n°7). The distance between exits n°6 and n°7 is approx. 7 km and there will be no charge if you drive it in less than 30 minutes.

The operator does not grant a refund in the case of repeated complaints.

The toll tariffs of the TLMC and the TLPC that will apply in this case.

What should a driver do if his DKV BOX is not recognized correctly at the point of entry?

If this occurs, the driver should obtain a ticket from the machine or contact toll plaza personnel via the intercom system. When leaving the motorway, the driver should use the manual lane and present his ticket to the toll plaza employee. On presentation of the ticket, details of the distance covered and the DKV BOX details will be checked manually by the toll plaza employee and the relevant amount will appear on your next DKV statement.

What should a driver do if his DKV BOX is not recognized correctly at the exit point?

If this occurs, the driver should check the position of his DKV BOX, approach the toll barrier again and if necessary contact toll plaza personnel via the intercom system.

I was charged the maximum tariff. How do I file a complaint?

A complaint cannot be filed if the maximum tariff has been charged because the period of time permitted has been exceeded. If you have any questions about this, please contact your sales representative. If you were charged the maximum tariff because the entry or exit point was determind incorrectly, you may of course file a complaint about the transaction via your sales representative. All you need to do is send him a copy of the point of entry or exit point ticket. The "wrong amount" is credited in full and the corrected amount charged under a new invoice item.

My vehicle is always being classified incorrectly at the same toll plaza. What can I do to change this?

You may of course contact your sales representative so that he can find a solution for you.

How do I file a complaint about being charged the maximum tariff for transactions using the DKV CARD?

If you were charged too much, you can file a complaint at the toll plaza that actually issued your exit ticket. You can do this via the intercom system. You'll be given a form to complete and return to the toll operator. Your DKV sales representative can of course do this for you. If you lose your ticket or are unable to produce your ticket, you must however report to toll plaza personnel. You cannot simply continue your journey and you'll automatically be charged the maximum tariff.

Documents required to file a complaint with the relevant toll operator about being incorrectly charged with the maximum tariff:

Original ticket issued at the entry – for presentation to and checking by the toll operator

  • The operator is able to determine from the ticket where you joined the motorway and the distance you actually covered and therefore charge you accordingly.
  • Please note: If you don't have the ticket issued at the point of entry, you'll also be charged the maximum tariff!

With some operators, participation in the discount program is automatic and free of charge (eg. ASF, ESCOTA). With others, a participation fee is charged for each DKV BOX or based on the number of boxes. Particularly environmentally friendly trucks benefit most from the discount program. Depending on the toll operator, the vehicles emission class and net monthly toll sales are used as a basis for the discount granted.

  • Detailed up-to-date overview of the relevant discount program (PDF)
  • Discount program registration and deregistration

You can register for or cancel the participation in a discount program at any time. To enable the change to take effect the following month, you'll need to contact your sales representative by the 15th of the month!

Attention: The DKV BOX TIS PL and DKV BOX SELECT allow the user to profit from the operator’s rebate programme. Each BOX is assigned to an individual vehicle’s registration plate number. The assigned DKV BOX TIS PL or DKV BOX SELECT may be installed only in the vehicle to which it is assigned because each box is assigned to one specific vehicle. It is strictly forbidden to use the DKV BOX in a vehicle other than the one to which it is assigned.

Some operators (SANEF, APPR, ASF, …) check the registration number automatically. If there is a discrepancy between the OBU registration number and the vehicle registration number, no discounts will be granted by these operators.

Discounted toll sales in France appear on your DKV statement as a total amount. This can be identified by means of the product code 5J01. All other details can be found in the DKV list of passages.

Details of discounts granted per DKV BOX and/or per customer in the DKV passage list

The DKV list of passages contains itemized transaction records for all vehicles and details of the discounts provided and fees charged by the various operators. The first page of the list of passages begins with a summary of toll sales, discounts and fees for the various operators. To make it easier for you to analyse, totals are given for each toll operator and each DKV BOX.

If a toll operator only quotes a total amount per customer for discounts or fees (SANEF, SAPN, ATMB, AREA), these amounts can be found at the end of the summary under Fleet total with the name of the operators. You then get full details of all the individual transactions by vehicle on the list of passages.

From October 2014, invoicing for TIS PL becomes much more transparent. The new invoicing period will be monthly! This provides you with a clear allocation of transactions to the month of supply. TIS PL invoicing (including discounts and operator's fees) (PDF) will take place on the 15th of each invoice month and will contain transactions from the whole previous month.


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