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Information on the Eurovignette

You must pay a toll by purchasing a Eurovignette for vehicles over 12 t using motorways in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark and Sweden. Coaches are excluded from this rule.

The electronic Eurovignette records all the necessary information (licence plate number, emission class, number of axles and the validity period) digitally. The driver is not required to carry printed proof, e.g. for checking or inspections.

If you wish, DKV will automatically inform you in good time before the electronic Eurovignette expires.

These certifications of payment can be obtained at toll settlement stations in e.g. fuel stations and at border crossings or directly from DKV Mobility . Eurovignettes are valid for set periods – from one day to a year. Short-term vignettes (up to 7 days), which can be ordered directly in your DKV Mobility customer cockpit , have immediate validity.

Long-term vignettes (more than 7 days) ordered through DKV Mobility are processed Monday to Friday and are not valid until they have been processed.

Additional info:

For other vignettes, more information is available on the respective country pages.

Payment with the DKV Card at issuing points

The electronic Eurovignette can be paid for at the designated issuing points (fuel stations) as daily, weekly, monthly or annual vignettes with the DKV Card.

Information about the current Eurovignette prices and help to calculate costs based on the published toll rates can be obtained from the AGES fee calculator .

The level of the toll fee depends on the emission class, number of axles and period of validity.

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Information on other vignette countries

In Bulgaria a vignette is compulsory for all motorways and long-distance roads. The time-based toll can be purchased quickly and easily using the DKV Card at all Bulgarian fuel stations.

The requirement to pay toll for trucks over 3.5 tonnes has been in force in Estonia since 2018. The toll is based on the number of axles, total weight and the emission class of the vehicle. Electronic vignettes can be ordered online . For journeys in the Baltic states, DKV customers can purchase all three Baltic vignettes (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) through the A-Toll portal .

The purchase of an electronic vignette has been compulsory for all trucks (HGVs) weighing 12 tonnes or more in the United Kingdom since 2014. The HGV Levy (HGV = heavy goods vehicle) must be paid via the official portal before a vehicle drives on roads in the United Kingdom. Automatic number plate recognition systems on roads and at ferries check the number plate of your truck.

The purchase of a vignette for goods vehicles with a permissible total weight of more than 3 t is compulsory for the use of long-distance roads. Coaches and mobile homes are exempt from this rule.

Vignettes can be purchased at selected fuel stations, terminals and online at the operator’s website . You can choose between different validity periods: a day, week, month or year.

Vignettes are necessary for the motorways A1 to A18 in Lithuania. They are required for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes and can be purchased at border crossings.

Truck drivers who drive through Romania need an electronic vignette, known as the “Rovignette”. The cost of the vignette depends on the time spent in the country.

DKV customers can pay for their truck vignettes using the DKV Card.

Benefits with the DKV Card

  • Order directly and conveniently from DKV Mobility via the DKV Mobility website or your usual DKV Mobility sales office
  • Direct ordering can also be done for vehicles without an assigned DKV Card (only the details of the DKV CARD to be used for invoicing need to be entered)
  • The DKV Mobility invoice clearly sets out all the necessary information for easy further processing.

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DKV Mobility Secure Check

Do you have any questions? We will be happy to answer them.

DKV Mobility Secure Check is a two-factor authentication for online purchases with the DKV Card. The second authentication factor are the DKV Mobility login credentials which are also used for the DKV Cockpit login. This makes online purchases for our customers even more secure.

If you have not yet registered, please do so here DKV Customer Account Center or contact your personal contact person.

Exemplary online purchases requiring DKV Mobility Secure Check:

  • Eurovignette

When purchasing a toll product online, DKV Card users typically enter their DKV card number on the website they want to buy a product from, along with the card’s expiry date. After clicking the ‘next’ button, the user is presented with a DKV Mobility Secure Check pop-up. Here, the user has to enter his/her DKV Mobility Secure Check login credentials. After confirming these, the purchase can be completed.


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