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Toll Bridge in Austria

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Toll information for Austria

For vehicles over 3.5 tonnes permitted total weight, which includes all trucks, coaches and large mobile homes, a toll based on the distance driven applies on all Austrian motorways and expressways.

Toll provider: ASFINAG, Felbertauernstraße AG

General information



Valid for vehicles Routes Billing
> 3,5 tFreeways, expressways, tunnelsGo-Box / DKV BOX EUROPE / DKV BOX REETS (all Post-Paid)
DKV Card (Pre-Paid)
> 3,5 tFreeways, Brenner, Arlberg, Pyhrn, Karawanken Vignette / DKV Card

Guideline for trucks

Truck on the road.

The toll can be paid only with a toll box.

This is done either with

The tariffs depend, among other things, on the number of axles, kilometres travelled and the EURO emission class of the vehicles.

Special distance-based toll tariffs apply for special tolls or tolls on specific routes, which are calculated by the toll boxes for vehicles over 3.5 t permitted total weight. These are:

  • A9 Gleinalm and Bosruck Tunnels
  • A10 Tauern Tunnel
  • A11 Karawanken Tunnel
  • A13 Brenner motorway and
  • S16 Arlberg road tunnel

Truck toll options

1. GO-Box

Payment with the GO-Box is done either

  • using the post-pay process or
  • the pre-pay process (at the GO-Maut points of sale using the DKV CARD)

TOLL2GO – one OBU, two countries A and D:

The TOLL2GO service allows interoperability between Germany and Austria with the Toll Collect OBU. In this case as well, the DKV CARD can be used for settlement. Simply save the DKV CARD in the TOLL2GO Selfcare Portal as the means of payment.


The DKV BOX EUROPE allows Europe-wide settlement of truck tolls with only one OBU.

  • Drive through Europe conveniently and without delays using the post-pay process
  • Easy installation by Plug-and-Play
  • Clearly set out billing with the DKV invoice
  • 24h support over our Hotline 00800 326 829 31


With the DKV BOX REETS, you can pay the Austrian GO-Maut and the fees for the Scandinavian bridges

  • Storebælt Bridge (inner Denmark) and the
  • Øresund Bridge (between Denmark and Sweden)

with possible discounts.

Guideline for Passenger cars

Passenger car on the road

Vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes still need a vignette. Car vignettes can be ordered with the DKV CARD in the tolltickets web portal.

In addition, the toll charges due for the special tolls on the motorway sections

A9 Gleinalm and Bosruck Tunnels, A10 Tauern Tunnel, A11 Karawanken Tunnel,

A13 Brenner Motorway and S16 Arlberg Road Tunnel can be settled separately using the DKV CARD.

Tunnels and bridges

Tunnels & Bridges

The tunnel tolls for vehicles over 3.5 t permitted total weight can be paid using the DKV CARD or the GO-Box, DKV BOX EUROPE at the following tunnels.

and the DKV CARD can be used for the


Easy payment with DKV

1. Pre-pay process

The toll fees in Austria are booked fully electronically by the GO-Box as the vehicle drives through the toll stations. The GO-Box must be loaded with credit at a GO point of sale using a DKV CARD in advance.

2. Post-pay process

The fully electronic toll system records the actual number of kilometres driven. The fees are settled easily and conveniently at a later date via the GO-Box or DKV BOX EUROPE.

Registration for toll in Austria

New customers

For your initial reservation, please complete the following form and fax it to the number below:

GO Toll Austria service sheet (PDF)

ASFINAG application form for proof of EURO emission class

Note: This form must also be completed if an additional or different contact person is responsible for providing information concerning vehicle emission classes.

If you are changing providers, please also fill out the Change of payment form (PDF).

Existing DKV customers

Application for proof of Euro emission class (PDF) and, if applicable,

Addendum to the application (in case of multiple vehicles)

Further information can be found on the website of the operator ASFINAG .

Loss or cancellation of the GO-Box

To report the loss of a GO-Box and/or to cancel the box, please complete the following form and fax it to the number below:

GO Toll Austria service sheet (PDF)

With TOLL2GO, DKV Mobility customers can also use their Toll Collect OBU for the Austrian toll roads.

Benefits for DKV Mobility customers

  • Settle the GO-Maut, Austrian vignettes and the special tolls for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes easily and cash-free with the DKV CARD
  • Roads and tunnel fees incurred on the journey through Austria and the adjoining countries and for using tunnels are settled conveniently with an invoice (cross-border invoicing)
  • Full transparency of the purchased services through your DKV Mobility invoice and DKV Analytics
  • 24/7 service with our DKV toll boxes


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