Book your route ticket individually
and pay with the DKV CARD

Truck on street - DKV Route ticket

A toll ticket is an individually purchased ticket for the payment of a road usage toll. Registration is often not required. Toll tickets can be bought at most toll stations and paid for with the DKV CARD.

An accurate list of the countries and their toll terms and conditions can be found here.

Please take note of the following:

  • A toll ticket is valid only for a specified route and in one direction
  • Many toll tickets are currently available to be booked in advance online or locally at toll terminals
  • The ticket must be paid for at the relevant toll stations or border crossings before the start of toll road use
  • Please remember to enter the country code and registration plate number of the truck when purchasing a one-off toll ticket
  • Check the validity period of the ticket for each country, as they can vary

A toll ticket is suitable for drivers who drive in certain countries only infrequently and therefore do not wish to benefit from discounts and the automatic collection of road, tunnel and bridge tolls, which is possible only by means of an on-board unit.

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