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Gain full control of your fleet with DKV Fleet View. Whether you want to increase efficiency or optimise resource planning, bring down costs through ecologically aware driving behaviour or avoid fuel card misuse: Fleet View is your telematics system and helps you keep an eye on your whole fleet.

Overview of functions

Real-time tracking

Track your vehicles in real time and be notified of unusual activities

Fuel card integration & prevention of misuse

Increase the efficiency of your fleet by continuous fuel consumption tracking and avoidance of fuel card misuse

Journey history

View all journeys with comprehensive details in journey history

Driver behaviour

Increase the safety of your employees and the efficiency of your vehicles through accurate recording of stoppage times and hazardous driving behaviour

Expected arrival time

Communicate your delivery schedule to your customers using shareable route tracking information

Your benefits

Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

Automatically created reports (xls and csv formats) reduce administration costs. Vehicle locations can be displayed at any time to pinpoint the way to the destination.

Reduce accidents

Reduce accidents

Improved checking of driving behaviour and vehicle performance. Take effective action to control speeding, braking and acceleration behaviour.

Reduce fuel costs

Reduce fuel costs

Real-time tracking of vehicles allows you to choose the shortest route between destinations. Automatic reporting recognises inappropriate braking and acceleration behaviour and stoppage times (basis for training or developing more efficient driving techniques).

Prevent fuel card misuse

Prevent fuel card misuse

Receive an alert if the location where the vehicle has stopped does not correspond with where the fuel card is used. Notification if your vehicle leaves a defined geographical area.


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