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Toll information for Poland

A distance-based electronic toll applies to all vehicles (coaches, trucks, cars) in Poland. The toll in Poland can be collected through the viaBOX (on-board unit/OBU) and invoiced through DKV Mobility. The viaBOX is for vehicles > 3.5 t and for coaches regardless of the total weight if they have more than nine seats (including the driver).

Toll provider: VIATOLL

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General information



Valid for vehicles Routes Billing
> 3,5 tFreeways A1, A2, A4
viaBox / DKV CARD
Freeways A1, A2, A4

Guideline for trucks

Truck on the road

DKV allows you to settle the toll in Poland on all sections of the toll road network, including all the sections that do not yet provide fully electronic toll collection:

  • A1 from Danzig to Torun
  • A2 from Swiencko to Konin
  • A4 from Cattowitz to Cracow

It should be noted that different toll fees apply for the A1, A2, A4 and for the viaTOLL network.

Guideline for Passenger cars

Passenger car on the road

This can be paid locally and conveniently using the DKV Card for cars (vehicles under 3.5 tonnes).

The use of an OBU is optional for cars. Only the viaBOX (for vehicles over 3.5 t) can be acquired and invoiced through DKV.

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Easy Payment with DKV

Payment variants - Choose between two attractive options

1. Pre-pay process

The toll is booked fully electronically by the viaBOX as the vehicle drives through the toll stations. The viaBOX is acquired and charged in advance with credit using the DKV CARD at one of the viaBOX distribution points, contact points or border distribution points.

2. Post-pay process

The fully electronic toll network records the actual number of kilometres driven. The toll fees are settled easily and conveniently in retrospect through the viaBOX – without it having to be continually charged with credit. This process is especially suitable for frequent drivers.

Register for tolls in Poland (current system)

Benefits for DKV customers

  • Liquidity advantage from a longer payment period
  • Time savings from the use of the post-pay process: Simply drive through the poll station
  • Easy to order directly from DKV
  • One invoice, everything from the same supplier


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