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DKV Mobility: Press Download Center

Find a selection of press clippings for downloading here. If you need any additional information on DKV Euro Service, please get in touch with our press contact .

Our logo - clearly DKV

Our logo shows at a glance who we are. We work with representatives from the press when they're drafting their articles or other contributions.

If you use the DKV logo, people know immediately who you're talking about and you avoid any confusion - but only if you use the original logo which is a protected trademark.

It may be used in any size but you must keep the same shape and our company colours must be used. The same height/width ratio must also be adhered to. Only then is it clearly our trademark - our customers will recognize the difference:

DKV logo for use against a white and coloured background

Normal print (4c) eps

Web png (4c), 300 dpi

Web jpg (4c), 300 dpi

The DKV logo may not be used for commercial purposes. If you print our logo in magazines or other printed material, please send us a sample copy.

Our colours give a clear indication of our identity - it's not just customers who recognize them. If you want to use our colours, please use the following specific colours.

Our company colours are:

Orange: Pantone 144

Blue: Pantone 295


Orange: 0c 57m 100y 0k

Blue: 100c 84m 40y 34k

If you have any queries or requests, please contact our Press officer .

Short and to the point - information about DKV

Find out the main facts quickly and easily at our Group website or here about the bank holidays 2024 .