DKV Analytics
Meaningful reports on your fleet

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DKV Analytics makes fleet management easier. The comprehensive analysis tool gives you optimal control of all your DKV Mobility transactions. The digital fleet service provides you with customised information about your fleet 24/7. You can keep an eye on all the costs!

Overview of functions

Email alerts sent and near real-time card usage display

  • Absolute cost transparency at the touch of a button 24/7
  • Customised alert settings so that you are always up-to-date

Create individualised reports

  • Already invoiced transactions
  • Not yet invoiced transactions
  • Overview of active or inactive DKV cards and/or boxes

Identify outliers immediately

  • Identification of outliers based on specific criteria
  • Periodic alert options
  • Irregularity assessment

VAT refund per country

  • Detailed overview of application volume and access to all applications, including all DKV and third-party invoices

Overview of toll passage lists for

  • Germany (Toll Collect)
  • France (TIS PL)
  • Austria (GO Maut)
  • Italy (ViaCard / Telepass)

Your benefits

  • Complete transparency of your fleet park in real-time
  • Identify outliers by comparison of related vehicle classes
  • Keep an eye on all the costs 24/7
  • Comprehensive analyses in all common formats, with data export options

DKV Analytics package

In the UK, only the Premium package is available at present.

 BasicPremium Basic Premium
Transactions  Outlier analyses  
Not yet invoiced transactions 
Outlier analyses 
Invoiced transactions
Average consumption  
Sales per country and goods type 
Manage kilometre readings 
Customised reporting by transactions 
Consumption analyses 
(Transactions and passage lists for all connected countries and DKV technologies)
  Kilometre cost analyses 
Italy -- DKV BOX Italia; Telepass; DKV Box Europe
CO2 emissions  
Belgium -- Sitallic Maut Box; DKV Box Europe
CO2 emissions analyses 
France -- DKV Box Select; DKV Box TIS PL; DKV Box Europe; Liber-t
VAT refunds  
Portugal - DKV Box Select; DKV Box Europe
Refund data analyses
Germany -- Toll Collect; DKV Box Europe
Refund applications per year 
Spain -- DKV Box Select; DKV Box Europe
Refund service alerts 
Austria -- GO Box; DKV Box Europe
Bulgaria -- DKV Box Europe
Hungary -- DKV Box Europe (coming soon)
Switzerland - DKV Box Europe
Customised reporting by toll use 


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