Always fast and easy charging on the road - with DKV Mobility @road

We offer charging solutions where you need them. Our nationwide charging network comprises approximately 736,000 public charging points. This means that even longer journeys with your electric vehicle are no longer a problem. With the DKV Card +Charge, you also gain access to the largest, brand-independent charging network in the industry for plug-in hybrid vehicles. Our app also puts an end to the tedious search for charging opportunities, as the nearest charging point is just a few clicks away - for a reassuring feeling on the road. Simply download and register.

+Charge App

Your advantages:

  • Refuel and charge with just one card: DKV Card +Charge
  • You can always keep an eye on your fleet in our customer portal: Cost development, energy consumption, charging and refueling transactions - all easily prepared for you and shown on an invoice
  • Gain access to one of the largest charging networks in Europe with around 736,000 public charge points. We will continue to consistently expand the charging network to remain among the largest in Europe
  • Find the nearest free charging point quick and easily with the DKV Mobility app

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Mileage tracking for electric vehicles

...quite simply in your DKV Mobility App

Track the mileage of your electric vehicles for all @road charging processes - before or during the charging process.

You can use the function both for charging processes that have been authenticated with the DKV Mobility App and via the DKV Card +Charge.

The advantages

  • Simple mileage tracking: Quick and uncomplicated entry of the mileage - before or during the charging process.
  • Efficient fleet management: keep control of the charging times of your electric vehicles and optimize your fleet activities
  • Improved safety: Ensure compliance with regulations and safety standards through accurate mileage records

What you need for this:

  • To use the feature, drivers need the latest version of the DKV Mobility app on their mobile device
  • It is important that drivers are logged in when using the app and have a DKV Card +Charge assigned to them

And this is how it works:

Mileage DKV Mobility App Charging process start

Step 1

  • Simply start the charging process within the app...
  • or receive a notification when starting the charging process with the DKV Card +Charge

Mileage DKV Mobility App Record mileage

Step 2

  • Enter the mileage conveniently using the input field
  • The entered mileage is then displayed in the active charging process

Mileage DKV Mobility App Charging process end

Step 3

  • Receive a summary of your charging process at the end
  • You can find all the details under "Transactions" in your profile

Further information and useful functions of our DKV Mobility App can be found on our app page:

To the DKV Mobility App

FAQ on mileage tracking

Find the nearest charging point with our app

One app, numerous options: Charge, refuel and access many other services with the DKV Mobility App. Our app helps you save valuable time. Use the map function to conveniently navigate to the next refueling/charging or service stop in real time and start the charging process directly in the car with the free "APP&GO" feature. You can keep track of all transactions in the app at all times. The fully integrated public charging infrastructure makes the DKV Mobility app a reliable and uncomplicated mobility solution that even supports you with intelligent route planning.

Do you have any further questions or would you like to register? Contact us at or register now!

Easy charging with the DKV Mobility app
Easy charging with the DKV Mobility app

Watch this short video to find out how our DKV Mobility App simplifies your charging process. Start by entering your vehicle details and charging preferences. The app will then show you charging stations in your neighbourhood or along your route - including charging times, providers and prices. You can then conveniently start and monitor the charging process via the app.

Convenient route and charging planning via app
Convenient route and charging planning via app

You can plan your journeys effortlessly with the DKV Mobility app. Simply enter your vehicle details, start and destination points and the desired charging status on departure and arrival. Our app quickly calculates the optimum route with recommended charging stations and current prices. A clear map view shows you the route and charging points. Simply select the first charging station and the route will be calculated for you.

Charge at over 10,000 Tesla Superchargers with the DKV Card +Charge

We are proud to offer our customers access to Tesla's Supercharger network. To enjoy access to over 10,000 Superchargers, DKV Mobility customers simply need to register their DKV Card + Charge in the Tesla app. Step-by-step instructions for easy registration can be found here .

Via Tesla's Supercharger network, DKV Mobility customers have access to the largest and most reliable fast-charging network in Europe with charging speeds of up to 250 kW.

All transactions will continue to be clearly listed on the DKV Mobility invoice.

Further questions about DKV Card +Charge use in the Tesla network?

Here you will find important questions and answers!

FAQs about the DKV Card +Charge in the Tesla network

DKV Card +Charge

The DKV Card +Charge combines all the benefits of a classic fuel card (incl. vehicle wash, parking and much more) with the additional option of charging electricity.

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    You benefit from all the advantages of the DKV Card +Charge and also make a contribution to climate protection

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