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The DKV Mobility App

One app, countless possibilities

Convenient access to all DKV Mobility App services

Do you want to benefit from all DKV’s advantages and services while on the road? Using the DKV Mobility App, you have access to all DKV’s services – from practically anywhere:

Powerful filter functions allow you to find the right DKV acceptance point. You can also view detailed information about every station and compare prices – updated daily. Settle the bill from your vehicle using Mobile Payment.

We help you not only to make cost savings on fuel but also to get to your destination quicker.

Don’t wait – benefit from the advantages of the DKV Mobility App!

  • Find the most suitable DKV acceptance point near you at any time
  • Find around 310,000 charging points
  • Price comparison using daily updated prices
  • Use Mobile Payment at the pump with DKV APP&GO
  • Extensive search and filter options – fuel, parking, cleaning and other services
  • Detailed information about every station
  • Quick access to breakdown assistance
  • Limit enquiry with one click

Features of the DKV Mobility App

Want to find your closest fuel station or charging point? Prefer to sit in your vehicle and pay by mobile phone? Not a problem! Administer your cards yourself using the app. On it you can also contact the DKV breakdown assistance service directly in an emergency.

Fuelling and charging could not be quicker, easier, safer or more secure.


New - Charging with the DKV Mobility App

We offer the fully integrated mobility solution of charging, refuelling, parking and washing - combined in one app. Find the next free charging point and discover new features, such as intelligent route planning. With this, you can plan long routes with the necessary charging stops in advance.

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APP&GO - be the first in line from now on!

Spare yourself the frustration of queueing at the cash desk after refuelling. With APP&GO, the feature of the DKV Mobility App, you are quickly back on the road again while the others are still waiting in line. Fill up as usual and pay* quickly from the driver’s seat. The acceptance network is being continuously expanded. What does this service cost? Nothing!

The stationsfinder feature

Use our station finder on your desktop or as an app on a mobile device to find your nearest station quickly and easily. Around 67,000 service stations and around 310,000 publicly accessible charging points across Europe ensure that you can always rely on us wherever you are.

Practical map view

Practical map view

Find the most suitable fuel stations and charging points in your vicinity straight away.

Search for specific locations

Search for specific locations

Enter your desired location and the app will display all the stations in the area directly on the map or as a list.

With the intelligent route planning for eVehicles, each necessary charging stop on your route is displayed.

Filter and save

Filter and save

Use customised filter functions to find fuel stations or charging points in your neighbourhood and save them directly as favourites.

Only use LPG? Not an issue: you can find the nearest fuel station directly using the DKV Mobility App.

Find the cheapest prices

Find the cheapest prices instantly

Compare daily up-dated prices to find the cheapest fuel station immediately.

The DKV Mobility App offers much more than that

Discover the best features of the app at a glance. By the way: we are continually adding new functions to the app for you.

Administering your cards

Administering your cards

You can give each of your cards its own name in the app.

Know your limits? Apply to your fleet manager with just a couple of clicks for an increased card limit or view the current limit.

Quick access to breakdown assistance

Quick access to breakdown assistance

In the event that you lose your DKV CARD, or in emergencies, you can dial the DKV Service number most appropriate for your location directly from the app.

*This is not a payment process in the strictest sense of the term, but an authorisation of the fuel transaction.


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