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DKV LIVE helps you automate and digitalize administrative and manual processes in your fleet. With the help of our intelligent features, DKV LIVE not only manages to unite all of your fleet's activities on one platform, but also enables you to manage your fleet transparently and digitally.

Discover our features in detail and benefit in everyday life:

Check in real time where, when and how much fuel is being refueled. All refueling operations are automatically recorded in the portal and can be matched with the vehicles' consumption data. Navigate your vehicles to the best fueling station in real time. With access to the largest energy-independent acceptance network in Europe consisting of around 67,000 service stations, DKV LIVE makes your fuel planning easier than ever.

The feature not only gives you an overview of all your vehicles' refueling activities, but also detects and prevents fuel theft. DKV LIVE detects misuse of stolen fuel cards as well as deviations in refueling activities and reports these alerts in the online portal as soon as misuse is suspected. Affected cards can be deactivated automatically and in real time

Locate all vehicles on a real-time map with GPS tracking. Estimate when the goods will arrive at the customer and whether there will be traffic jams on the route. View the distance traveled and check when the vehicles were at which location. Get additional insights into the logbook to analyze driving times. This data is stored for you retroactively for 12 months, so you always have the best possible transparency about the fleet.

Plan your routes from start to finish using DKV LIVE - Enter address data for your loading and unloading locations, data on drivers, vehicles, and cargo and activities in the DKV LIVE web portal. Then set your route and send this information to your driver's mobile device via the web portal. This way, the driver can head straight for the stations you've specified and carry out the planned activities without any further queries. Best of all, you always have all the relevant data at a glance and can track the progress of your tours.

In addition, use our new chat function and communicate queries and messages about the tour directly with your driver! Through the DKV LIVE web portal, you can send messages to your drivers' mobile devices and thus stay connected in real time and without distracting phone calls.

Digital tachographs are mandatory in the member states of the EU. The data must be read out and stored. Your digital assistant fulfills your legal obligations directly from your desk and handles the data download contactlessly.

Benefit from the permanent data exchange with your fleet: operational data, events as well as driving and rest times of all vehicles are displayed directly on your dashboard. You can view all important driving data at any time.

Install DKV LIVE Box and get started digitally

To make the installation of DKV LIVE Box in your vehicle as convenient as possible, we have prepared detailed instructions for you.

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