DKV fuel cards
– for fuel, tolls & many other services

person holding DKV card out of the cars window

DKV Card

Our classic fuel card.
Fuel, toll & many other services included.

DKV Card

With the service level DKV card, you have access to the largest acceptance network in the whole of Europe. You can keep your car, truck or mixed fleet supplied with fuels, settle European tolls and use many other services such as breakdown assistance, parking and vehicle washing.

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Overview of features

  • Pay for mobility services across Europe cash free
  • No joining fee, no annual charge, no minimum sales volume
  • An invoice ready for the tax office
  • High security through PIN prompt and online authorisation
  • Full control: order, block, limit cards – quickly and easily online

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Fuel anywhere

With around 67,000 service stations in more than 50 service countries, you save money and time by accessing the largest supply network in the industry.

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Manage all tolls

DKV Mobilitys' perfect solutions for the various toll systems in Europe save you and your business a great deal of time and money. Whether it is tolls for motorways, bridges, tunnels or parking facilities: you can pay cash free and manage the fees quickly and easily. Have you heard of our DKV BOX EUROPE?

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Gain price advantages

Benefit from attractive discounts and refuel at permanently low prices: A large number of low-price filling stations accept the DKV CARD.

When refueling with a DKV fuel card at Aral and Shell stations, it may happen that the gross price basis is a relatively high list price that does not correspond to the price displayed at the service station. If you use the displayed prices as a basis, there may be differences on the final invoice. For the greatest possible transparency, the list prices can be viewed at any time in your DKV Mobility customer area and in the DKV Mobility App

One card – many advantages

With the DKV Card, you can also pay parking fees in many cities, use a network of around 33,000 vehicle service stations for cars and vans, and conveniently pay numerous car tolls throughout Europe.

Quick and easy fuel card management

In the login area, you have full transparency across all your transactions 24/7, thanks to extensive analysis tools. You can also, for example, quickly and easily block or place customer orders for cards, administer limits and much more.

We also supply charge

As a mobility partner for our car and van customers with electric vehicles, we can supply tailored modular solutions for your e-fleet.

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Value added tax refund

DKV Mobility handles the entire process of recovering the VAT paid on your purchases for you on request. You enjoy increased liquidity with the minimum of bureaucracy. Find out more about our tax refund service.

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