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CO2 toll for trucks in EU member states

The so-called CO2 toll is currently the subject of controversial discussions in the media and is causing great uncertainty in the transport industry. One thing is certain: When the CO2-dependent truck toll comes into force on December 1, 2023 for all commercial vehicles over 7.5 tons*, freight forwarding and logistics companies will have to pay a surcharge of around 200 euros per ton of CO2.

With DKV Mobility, you don't have to worry - we'll guide you through the process and inform you of all the necessary steps to make the changeover as simple and transparent as possible for you.

When does the regulation come into force in the EU member states?

From 01 December 2023, all commercial vehicles over 7.5 tonnes* must pay a CO2-dependent truck toll in Germany. Up to now, the truck toll applied to vehicles weighing 7.5 tons or more; the truck toll will apply to vehicles weighing 3.5 tons or more from July 1, 2024. I.e. for vehicles from 3.5 tons, the determination of the CO2 class will only be relevant as of 01.07.2024.

It is yet to be announced when the regulation will come into force in the other EU member states.

We will inform you regularly about changes on this website.

Country Start toll rate according to CO2
Czech Republicprobably 01.03.2024
Other countries to followsoon

*Up to now, the truck toll has applied to vehicles weighing 7.5 tons or more. From July 1, 2024, all vehicles with a technically permissible total mass of more than 3.5 tons will have to pay tolls for the use of federal trunk roads.

In order to keep the increased administrative effort associated with the CO2 toll as low as possible, for example for CO2 classification, registration and billing of the CO2 toll, we will of course be at your side as your reliable partner with the usual high quality of service.

The EU has set itself an ambitious target:
By 2030, CO2 emissions from road traffic are to be reduced by 30% (compared to 2005).

To achieve this goal, from December 2023 there will be a new assessment method to determine the CO2 emissions of vehicles over 7.5 tons* and assign them to one of five CO2 classes. The classification in a toll tariff will be extended accordingly by the grouping in a CO2 class.

CO2 Class Check

CO2 toll in Germany: 01.12.2023

We have created an overview of the toll prices in Germany based on the latest draft of the new regulations.

You can download the table of CO2 toll tariffs here

Download table

CO2 toll in Austria: 01.01.2024

The CO2 toll tariffs apply in Austria for vehicles over 3.5 t. Customers who are registered for the toll in Austria through ASFINAG must notify ASFINAG of their assigned CO2 class and upload the required vehicle documents in the ASFINAG SelfCare portal or send them by e-mail ( ) to ensure they are billed correctly.

An overview of the current toll tariffs can be found here.

Download table

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