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DKV fuel cards - all-round service for your vehicle fleet

A fuel card simplifies accounting in any business, starting with the first vehicle. Whether truck, bus, van or car, whether small, medium or large fleet, with the DKV Card you can refuel and account for vehicle-related services without cash.

We specialize in providing the ideal fuel card for every type of fleet or vehicle: whether it's the classic DKV Card for vehicles with combustion engines, the DKV Card +Charge for electric vehicles, the DKV Card Climate for contributing to climate protection, and much more. Find out more about the various benefits of our fuel cards here.


Fill up at a large brand-independent network.

Also, around your corner!

~67,000 filling stations & ~710,000 publicly accessible charging points across Europe

No annoying collecting of receipts

Many vehicle services

Own customer account for card management

Effortlessly account for all tolls

Work more efficiently

using the advantages of DKV cards
All with one card
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Simple payment

Vehicle washing, parking, breakdown assistance, tolls and much more

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Easier bookkeeping

Invoices ready to give to your tax adviser, no piles of receipts

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Safer control

Block, limit and place customer orders for cards online 24/7

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Security and other services with the DKV CARD

If you lose your card – no problem. You can simply order a new card after blocking the lost one. Safety features such as PIN codes and limit controls protect you from card misuse.

Find out more about card security. Do you travel throughout Europe? No problem, we have summarised our services per country for you.

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VAT refund

More liquidity through fast VAT refund

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Telematic and other digital services

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Station Finder

Find the nearest DKV service station in your area

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Diesel prices

Refuel the cheapest diesel prices across Europe

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You can use the DKV fuel card to pay for all vehicle-related services. These are (depending on the scope of services) refueling, lubricants, laundry, repair and much more. Consumer goods such as drinks, sweets or cigarettes cannot be paid for.

A fuel card makes accounting easier in any commercial business, because the fuel card eliminates the hassle of collecting and processing fuel receipts. You receive a "tax advisor-ready" statement that you can simply pass on.

A fuel card is worthwhile from just one vehicle, as the paperwork of fuel receipts has finally come to an end. Of course, you have no minimum purchase with us, so it does not matter whether you use the card or not.

Any trader can apply for a fuel card.

Unfortunately, no, DKV only offers its service to professionals.

With DKV, for example, you receive a statement every 2 weeks listing all transactions by license plate number or driver. This invoice amount is then debited by us via SEPA mandate. This provides you with additional liquidity. In your personal area, you have insight into all transactions at any time and can manage your cards.

DKV has the largest supply network in the industry, with around 67,000 service stations across Europe. Brand-name service stations such as Shell, Aral and Total are part of this, but also low-cost and independent service stations. Acceptance is usually indicated at the pump or by a DKV sign at the service station. You can find more information in the station finder.

As soon as we receive your theft report, you are released from liability in accordance with our GTC. We will then block your card immediately. Furthermore, the card cannot be used without knowledge of the PIN.

The card works similar to a credit card, only that they do not need any additional receipts or receipts for the tax advisor. You simply pay in our large acceptance network your fuel or other service (depending on the tariff) and get from us a collective statement, which we debit every 2 weeks by SEPA.

There are different price models and cards composed of different services. The Just Drive Card is available from € 0.95 in our store . We are also happy to provide you with an individual offer.

Yes, you can limit or block all cards in your personal area. Of course, you can also do this via our 24-hour hotline ( +49 800 358 358 3 ).

Each card has a PIN that you can set individually. In the event of loss or misuse, you can have the card blocked immediately either online via the customer login or via our hotline. You can also add a separate limit to each card.

We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer tailored to you and your needs.


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