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The eCharge+ app

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Instructions for cockpit app registration (ENG)

Instructions for app registration (ENG)

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There is both an Android and an iOS app in German, English, French and Dutch, among others.

The eCharge+ app offers numerous, primarily technical advantages. The authorization process can be started directly from the app, so that no additional QR code needs to be scanned in the future. The app makes payment "safer" against fraud. In addition, charging station prices and availability are displayed in real time. Navigation to selected stations has been improved compared to the old app version. In addition to the technical advantages, there are now more than 160,000 charging points in Europe in the new app. Furthermore, the new app creates an improved basis for new, user-controlled, functionalities.

Registration takes place in the Cockpit. New users (cardholders) can be created in the system. The complete card number, name and e-mail of the new user are required.

Alternatively, it is possible to send a registration e-mail with complete card number, name and e-mail of the user to app-login@dkv-mobility.com .

After receiving the registration you will receive an initial password within 3 working days. During the first log-in, this must then be reassigned.

It is currently not possible to assign more than one vehicle to a card. Unfortunately, this must be solved organizationally by means of a general access that is used jointly by the employees. For example, an account can be created for a general e-mail address (Poolfahrzeug1@dkv...), which is then made available to the users.

In principle, DKV customers are subject to the DKV data protection guidelines, which are available on the DKV homepage.

The use of the app is in turn subject to the data protection provisions of innogy, as it is the publisher and operator. These data protection provisions are stored in the app (menu item "Contact & Help"; sub-item "Data protection") and can also be found here (in german) .

  • Location (optional for better usability when finding stations; data is not stored).
  • Bluetooth (optional)
  • Camera (optional, for scanning the column number and taking photos in case of error messages, such as column damaged, inaccessible, etc.)
  • Search (optional, to make the app searchable)
  • Notifications (optional, for information related to the charging process, such as "charging process finished").
  • Background updates (optional, results in regular updates to the app).
  • Mobile data (theoretically optional, but without this option I can only use the app in WLAN and that might be difficult on the road)

Access to contact data explicitly does not take place!

Should there still be concerns, an anonymous account creation under general mail addresses and without naming the driver is basically possible.

At over 90% of the charging points, access is also possible without an app using only the card. Your customer advisor will be happy to provide you with a list of all charging points with information on the respective access card on request. In the future, we are striving for a web-based map solution that can be viewed by anyone without an app or registration.

The access data is stored once in the profile under the item >>Means of payment >>Add car power contract>>. The registered e-mail address must be used as the user. Important: the check mark >>set as default>> must please be set.

You can use the "Forgotten password" link in the cockpit or app to have a link to reset your password sent to the e-mail address you have stored.

If you no longer have the deposited mail address, please send an e-mail with the complete card number, name and desired e-mail of the user to app-login@dkv-mobility.com . In this case we will check for the existence of the account and reactivate it or create a new account.

Please send a blocking e-mail with the complete card number, name and e-mail of the user to app-login@dkv-mobility.com . You will receive a corresponding blocking confirmation from DKV.

The charging process can be started as usual by holding the card in front of the RFID reader. Alternatively, if no RFID reader is available, the charging process can now be started directly from the app. Authorization takes place automatically via the app login that was performed in advance.

The charging process can be ended as usual via the car or simply in the app (End charging process).

The charging processes are billed via the DKV invoice.

Your DKV card is automatically stored in the app when you register it as a payment method. In principle, the app offers the option of adding further means of payment. However, it is not possible to bill other means of payment via the DKV invoice.

Charging station providers offer various processes for activating a charging process. At over 90% of DKV charging points, access is also possible without an app, using only the card. If an RFID reader is available, the card can simply be held up to the reader for authorization.

Only a private box can be registered in the app. If you use a @home or @work solution through your employer, it is not possible to add the charging point.

The EMAID is their identification number in e-mobility, which is regularly used for support requests. So if you contact a charging station operator at a charging station, please use your EMAID for identification.

If you have any questions, please contact your known customer advisor or send an e-mail to app-login@dkv-mobility.com .