Your new DKV Card +Charge and electrification of the DKV Mobility App

DKV Mobility App

Find charging points in the DKV Mobility App in the future

We don't just want to accompany the change to a green future, we want to play an active role in shaping it. That's why we are working on a DKV Mobility-owned roaming platform for eMobility, which will enable us to connect and internally control most of the brand-independent charging points in Europe. This platform will be implemented in our DKV Mobility App.

This means not only refuelling and charging in one app for you, but a whole new charging experience. In future, we will offer you even more stability and convenient control directly in DKV Mobility. As you have already experienced, we carried out a card exchange for this. We have already put the new DKV +Charge cards into circulation.

With the combination of the DKV Mobility app and your new DKV +Charge cards, we offer you access to the entire DKV Mobility brand-independent gas station and charging network. To ensure that you enjoy a comfortable transition, you will find all the necessary steps and a checklist summarised here once again.

What you need to do during the changeover

The changeover takes place in three simple steps:

DKV Card

Step 1

At the beginning of March, we will send you the new DKV +Charge cards. These cannot be used yet, but will only take effect with the update of the DKV Mobility App. Until the launch of this app, you will continue to use the old cards and the eCharge+ app. A clear summary of all the information can be found in the graphic below.

Card and App

Step 2

The new update of the DKV Mobility App will be available from beginning of April. If you have already downloaded it, you can easily update the app. If you download it after 01 April 2022, the new update (version 8.5) will be installed automatically. You do not need to register again, as the registration will be transferred from the eCharge+ app.

If you or your cardholders have not registered yet, but would like to use the app to authenticate charging transactions, please register. Register now.

The transition phase begins with the launch of the news DKV Mobility App update. For a limited time you can use both systems in parallel. We recommend switching over as soon as possible, as the eCharge+ app will be discontinued on 18 April 2022.


Step 3

The transition phase gives you time to switch to the new app. Once the new cards and the DKV Mobility App have been successfully put into operation, you will no longer need the old cards. To ensure that you are still able to charge at any time during the transition phase, we recommend that you do not dispose of the old cards until after the end of the transition phase (18.04.2022).

Not registered yet?

If you are already registered for the eCharge+ app, this will automatically be adopted for the DKV Mobility App. You do not need to register again.

If you have not registered yet for the eCharge+ app, you can easily register here. This will make the transition easier and you can enjoy the new charging experience right after the launch of the new update.

Download the app now, register and start charging!

Register now

FAQs about the DKV +Charge Card:

We have answers to your questions!

We want to offer you a better charging experience in the future. To ensure this, we are carrying out a card exchange. With the combination of the DKV Mobility App and your new DKV +Charge Cards, we not only offer you access to the entire brand-independent filling station and charging network of DKV Mobility, but also a significantly higher level of stability - all in one app.

We will send out the new cards at the beginning of March. They should arrive in week 10 or week 11 at the latest. If this is not the case, please contact us immediately.

No, the cards will be exchanged. Your old cards will therefore be replaced by the new cards. There is a transition period in which both cards can be used, but the old card will be deregistered by DKV after April 18.

The current card can be used until 17.04.2022. From 18.04.2022, only the new exchange cards will be valid.

To be able to charge at any time during the transition phase, we ask you to keep your old card during the transition phase. Once the eCharge+ app is switched off on 18.04.2022, the old cards will become invalid and can be disposed of.

No, the new card will automatically be stored for you in the Cockpit - if you are already registered in the old app. If you have not yet registered, you can simply do so. Register now

No, the exchange card does not entail any additional costs - not even during the transition phase.

You can use your old card until 17.04.2022. From April onwards, the transition phase begins, during which you can use both cards. From 18.04.2022, the old card is useless and can be disposed of.

Your current card is stored in the eCharge+ app and can be used there until 17.04.2022. After that, this app will be switched off and the old card will be useless.

The new card will be automatically deposited in the DKV Mobility App, provided registration has been carried out.

Yes, you can still authorize yourself at the charging point using your DKV Card +Charge. The use of the DKV Mobility App is not mandatory.

Until 01.04.2022 you can charge as usual with the old card in the eCharge+ app as well as per RFID authentication.

From 01.04 - 17.04.2022, you can already charge with the new card in the DKV Mobility App and via RFID. Alternatively, you can still use the old card in the eCharge+ app during this transitional phase.

From 18.04.2022, you will only be able to use the new card for charging either via DKV App or RFID.

If you received your card after 11.03.2022, you just have the new card, which is only compatible with the DKV Mobility App. Your new card cannot be used in the eCharge+ app.

No, cards will be valid automatically at the DKV charging infrastructure and therefore no action is needed.

The EMAID is printed on the back of the card, right above the magstripe

Old card = EMAID starts with DEDKV

New card = EMAID starts with DEDMB

FAQs App

The DKV Mobility App will be available from the beginning of April. The old app will be deactivated on 18.04.2022. In the meantime, both cards can be used with the corresponding app.

With the new update, the world of eMobility is moving into the DKV Mobility App. Access numerous functions such as:

  • Charging, refuelling, parking, washing - the fully integrated mobility solution that no one else has!
  • Find DKV charging points incl. the current availability of the charging point without registration
  • Direct charging in the app at selected stations
  • Charging point details, e.g. price, plug type, power, charging point operator, address
  • Numerous filter options, e.g. plug type, power, show only available charging points, charging point operator
  • Intelligent route planning incl. recommended charging stops for pure electric vehicles

The app goes live with version 8.5.1.

The operating systems are available for Android users from version 6 and for iOS users from version 12.

No, as the registration from the old +Charge app is carried over.

The latest update will go live in April.

Yes, the most important positive change is that all customers and interested parties will be shown the DKV Mobility charging network incl. prices without having to register. In addition, there will be intelligent route planning, which is not yet available in such a combination from any other provider.

In addition, it is possible that there will still be deviations in the network at the time of "Go live", but these will be successively updated.

Both DKV +Charge cards will be operational on the DKV hardware. It is not necessary to assign the new cards to the box.

Important: in the new app, the charging processes @work@home will initially not be displayed in the charging history. This functionality is expected to be available from the end of Q3.

As proof of the charging processes @work@home, the e-mail of the home electricity reimbursement users as well as the export in DKV Cockpit can currently be used.

No, it is not mandatory to use the app. Alternatively, you can also authorize and charge at the charging point using your DKV Card +Charge.

You can see an overview of all charging points in the eCharge+ app and from 01.04.2022 in the DKV Mobility App. You have time to switch to the new DKV Mobility App until 17.04.2022.

From 01.04.2022 onwards, you can conveniently use both apps. We recommend switching to the DKV Mobility App as soon as possible, as the eCharge+ App will be discontinued for DKV customers on 17.04.2022.

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