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Toll information for Slovenia

The use of motorways, expressways and the Karawanken Tunnel is subject to toll charges in Slovenia. A distance-based toll is charged for vehicles over 3.5 t permissible total weight (trucks and coaches). Every vehicle must be registered for the toll and fitted with a vehicle-specific DarsGo toll box (postpay or prepay).

The on-board unit is free of charge (no rental or service fees) and no security deposit is needed. However, a processing fee of EUR 10 applies.

Vehicles ≤ 3.5 t permissible total weight need an e-vignette in Slovenia (weekly, monthly, annual e-Vignettes). e-Vignettes can be purchased with the DKV CARD at DarsGo service stations and at fuel stations.

Toll provider: Dars

General information



Valid for vehicles Routes Billing option
> 3,5 tMotorways, expressways, Karawanken tunnelDarsGo OBU / DKV CARD
< 3,5 tMotorways, expressways, Karawanken tunnelVignette / DKV

Guideline for trucks

Trucks on the road.

Registration using the DKV CARD at any DarsGo service station or petrol station (MOL, OMV, Petrol) near the border with

  • Enter the company address and VAT ID
  • Vehicle information (registration plate, licensing country, number of axles, EURO class)
  • Originals of the supporting documentation (vehicle registration certificate, emission class document, one valid DKV CARD per vehicle)

If you do not yet have a DKV CARD , you will need to obtain one.



For trucks over 3.5 tons, both a pre-payment and post-payment procedure is possible with the DarsGo OBU (toll amount results from km, pollutant class, number of axles). Cars under 3.5 tons only require a vignette (week, month, year). The Karawanken tunnel is additionally tolled

Benefits for DKV Mobility customers

  • Liquidity advantage due to longer payment term
  • No bank guarantee required
  • One-stop billing
  • Time savings when using the Post-Pay method: you simply drive through at the toll station
  • Convenient direct ordering from DKV Mobility


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