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Toll information for Slovenia

The use of motorways, expressways and the Karawanken Tunnel is subject to toll charges in Slovenia. A distance-based toll is charged for vehicles over 3.5 t permissible total weight (trucks and coaches). Every vehicle must be registered for the toll and fitted with a vehicle-specific DarsGo toll box (postpay or prepay).

The on-board unit is free of charge (no rental or service fees) and no security deposit is needed. However, a processing fee of EUR 10 applies.

Vehicles ≤ 3.5 t permissible total weight are subject to the purchase of vignettes in Slovenia (weekly, monthly, annual vignettes). Vignettes can be purchased with the DKV CARD at DarsGo service stations and at fuel stations.

Toll provider: Dars

General information



Valid for vehicles Routes Billing option
> 3,5 tMotorways, expressways, Karawanken tunnelBU / DKV CARD
< 3,5 tMotorways, expressways, Karawanken tunnelVignette / DKV

Guideline for trucks

Trucks on the road

Registration using the DKV CARD at any DarsGo service station or petrol station (MOL, OMV, Petrol) near the border with

  • Enter the company address and VAT ID
  • Vehicle information (registration plate, licensing country, number of axles, EURO class)
  • Originals of the supporting documentation (vehicle registration certificate, emission class document, one valid DKV CARD per vehicle)

If you do not yet have a DKV CARD , you will need to obtain one.



For trucks over 3.5 tons, both a pre-payment and post-payment procedure is possible with the DarsGo OBU (toll amount results from km, pollutant class, number of axles). Cars under 3.5 tons only require a vignette (week, month, year). The Karawanken tunnel is additionally tolled

Benefits for DKV customers

  • Liquidity advantage due to longer payment term
  • No bank guarantee required
  • One-stop billing
  • Time savings when using the Post-Pay method: you simply drive through at the toll station
  • Convenient direct ordering from DKV


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