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Toll information for Czech Republic

The Czech toll system MYTO CZ applies to vehicles and buses > 3.5 t maximum allowed weight. In this distance-based toll system, toll charges are electronically debited via the so-called Premid-Box (On-Board-Unit/OBU), and settled directly through DKV Mobility– using either the pre-pay or post-pay procedure.

Toll provider: MYTO CZ

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General information

Czech Republic

Czech Republic

Valid for vehicles Routes Billing option
> 3,5 tFreeways, selected federal roadsMyto CZ OBU / DKV CARD
Freeways, selected federal roadsVignette

Guideline for trucks

truck on the road

The free-of-charge Premid-Box is available on payment of a deposit in the equivalent amount of 54 Euro to the Czech toll operator.

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The cost of the Czech Republic toll is currently about 14 cents/km depending on the pollutant class and number of axles. Tolls are composed of axle categories and Euroclasses.

Toll section tariffs (PDF)

Toll roads

The following weight classes are used as basis:

  • Vehicle category: over 3.5 t - 7.5 t
  • Vehicle category: 7.5 t - 12 t
  • Vehicle category: over 12 t



Pre-pay procedure

When passing the toll stations the toll is electronically debited via the Premid-Box, which was pre-loaded with credit at one of the Premid-Box distribution points

Post-pay procedure

The fully electronic toll network records the kilometres actually covered. Toll charges are settled afterwards, simply and conveniently, via the Premid-Box so there is no need to constantly load credit. This procedure is especially suitable for frequent drivers.

The deposit is settled in the following DKV invoice, and will be reimbursed when the OBU has been properly returned.

Further information about returning the box

Benefits for DKV Mobility customers

  • Single-source billing transparent, practical and clear
  • Using electronic debiting enables you to passthe toll station without stopping
  • Distinct liquidity advantage thanks to the generous terms of payment implied by the post-pay procedure via DKV Mobility


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