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Employers are required by law to instruct employees in the use of company cars (ArbSchG & DGUV Regulation 70). DKV offers its customers in Germany a simple and secure solution at attractive special conditions.

Your benefits

  • Training does not have to be at a particular time and place
  • Fully automated documentation processes
  • Tamper-proof and readily inspected
  • Automatic renewal reminder and escalation management
  • Process cost savings
  • Easy to administer in a modern cockpit user interface


DKV DRIVER helps you fulfil your legal obligations. In addition to driver training, an important component of this help is the electronic driving licence check. You can find more information here.

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Yes, as part of a vehicle owner’s liability, driver instruction and training is legally regulated in the German Federal Health & Safety at Work Act (ArbSchG) and the provisions of the employers’ liability insurance fund:

• In accordance with Section 12 ArbSchG, employers must provide their employees with adequate and appropriate training during their working hours on health and safety at work.

• In accordance with Section 35 DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) Regulation 70, employers may entrust the independent control of mechanically driven vehicles only to those drivers who have been instructed in the control of such vehicles and have proved their capability to do so.

No, employees who use leased or pool vehicles must also undergo driver training.

If an accident or damage occurs, the employer and the fleet manager may face legal consequences if the employees involved have not received proper training:

• Accident costs may not be covered by the employers’ liability insurance fund and the employer may not be granted recourse to the accident insurance organisation.

• Imposition of a financial penalty by the accident insurance organisation.

• Imprisonment for up to one year for deliberately inadequate or omitted instruction.

• Claims for damages by the affected employee against the employer.

Yes, the system automatically remembers the due dates for training. The fleet manager can also set separate dates for training if necessary.

Yes, the administrator/fleet manager can view and download daily evaluations of the training status.


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