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Toll information for Serbia

All vehicles are subject to tolls in Serbia. Benefit for the first time from the convenient Postpay procedure via DKV Mobility when driving through Serbia. From now on, you can settle Serbian toll services electronically and in retrospect. DKV Mobility is the first fuel and service card provider offering this service for internationally traveling hauliers.

Toll provider: Putevi Srbije

General information



Valid for vehicles Routes Billing option
(≥ 3,5 t)FreewaysOBU via DKV CARD

Guideline for trucks

Truck on the road.

It could not be simpler:

The driver receives the TAG toll box at the border, where the box is configured for the specific customer. All you need to do is present your DKV CARD and vehicle registration document. An activation fee of 3500 RSD (approx. 29 EUR plus 20% VAT) for the OBU must be paid on site.

Once you have done this, all toll transactions in Serbia are recorded via the device and you gain from DKV’s payment arrangements.


Easy payment with DKV.

The toll is paid via a post-pay contract with DKV. The standard invoice to customers is always issued by DKV on the 15th and the last day of the month.

Benefits for DKV Mobility customers

  • No more wasting time by stopping to buy a ticket or to charge the TAG box (as in prepay)
  • Usage of the fast lane
  • Electronic billing of toll services via DKV Mobility billing system
  • Full control and overview of all transactions


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