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Toll information for Croatia

Toll charges in Croatia must be paid for the use of all motorways (PDF) and are based on the number of driven kilometres. Vehicles of all categories in Croatia are liable to pay tolls, but the toll charges for vehicles in categories I, II, III and IV can be paid through DKV.

Toll provider: HRVATSKE AUTOCESTE d.o.o. (HAC)

General information



Valid for vehicles Routes Billing
Freeways ENC ENC OBU

Guideline for trucks

Truck on the road

The ENC on-board unit (ENC OBU) for the toll networks of the Croatian motorway operators HAC and ARZ, which account for approximately 89% of the whole Croatian motorway network, can be obtained through DKV Mobility.

This OBU can be used to pay the toll charges for vehicles in categories I, II, III and IV cash-free.


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Settlement options

  • Complete the quick and simple registration process at an HAC point of sale
  • Obtain the post-payment on-board unit (OBU) for categories I to IV using the DKV CARD
  • Attach it inside the vehicle
  • Use the time-saving ENC lanes at the toll booths

The ENC toll box can be quickly and easily reinitialised to suit a new mode of use directly at a POS : a pre-payment box can be made into a post-payment box without the user having to return the box.

Benefits for DKV customers

  • Obtain up to 13.04% operator's discount for categories I and II using the post-payment method
  • Obtain up to 42% operator's discount for categories III and IV using the post-payment methodSave time by using special ENC lanes: you simply drive past the toll booth
  • Settle your toll charges using the post-payment method (loading with credit / pre-payment is not necessary)
  • Benefit from convenient payment terms and increase your liquidity
  • Receive one clearly itemised DKV invoice from a single source


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