Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about DKV APP & GO.

With the DKV APP&GO function, you can easily and securely authorize the delivery note with the DKV Mobility App at the petrol station.

Mobile refueling with DKV APP & GO is super easy and explained in 6 steps:

1. Find a suitable petrol station using the DKV Mobility App

2. Let yourself be navigated to the selected petrol station

3. Select the pillar you are standing at.

4. Refuel as usual.

5. End the refueling by hanging up the tap and confirm your refueling in the app.

6. Continue to drive in a relaxed manner - you will receive the receipt conveniently by email.

If you are not yet activated for APP & GO, please follow the respective steps on our manual page.

Open the DKV Mobility App. Click on the DKV APP&GO logo in the map view. The next available petrol station will appear where you can authorize the payment via the app. You can also filter for APP & GO petrol stations for route planning.

You can find all gas station nearby your location displayed as a map or list in the DKV Mobility App.

DKV APP&GO is our free service for you.

You as a user must legitimize the open fuel amount via DKV APP&GO. Security is guaranteed by modern technologies in your smartphone, such as FACE ID, fingerprint or entering the smartphone pin. Technically, we rely on the highest IT standards to authorize your payment.

As soon as you confirm the fuel bill via smartphone, your payment is authorized. If the payment is successful, the attendant will receive a payment confirmation. The fuel pump is then free for the next refueling.

In the event of a technical problem, the app will guide you step by step to an appropriate solution.

These signs are mostly out of date and you can ignore them.

To be able to use DKV APP & GO, you need DKV cockpit access. Your fleet manager can set this up free of charge.

You can find detailed instructions for assigning cards here.

It is technically not possible to pay twice. You can replace the refueling process with your smartphone at any time with manual payment at the checkout.

To get an overview of all fuel receipts in the APP, click 1. on "My Cards" and 2. on "All Transactions". All transactions that have been carried out with the DKV APP & GO features are now displayed. With one click on the respective transaction, you can also view all further details and open the original receipt as a PDF.

Yes, flexible use of different end devices is possible. Even more: you have an insight into all the refueling processes from the respective end device.

To be able to use DKV APP & GO, you have to be a customer of DKV. You are not yet a customer? Become a customer here in just a few clicks.

Unfortunately, DKV APP & GO is only available for DKV customers. We are currently only active in the B2B business. As a private person, you cannot use DKV APP & GO.

Sending the fuel receipt can take up to 5 minutes. If you have still not received a fuel receipt by then, please check your SPAM folder. Alternatively, you can view all receipts in the app.

Note: The fuel receipt is for your information only. The invoice will be sent to you as usual.

If you have a problem during refueling, you can always contact the following telephone number: 00800 365 24 365

Unfortunately, it is not yet technically possible to define yourself as a driver.

That is not a problem, you will receive a new card from us. You can easily add this back to your DKV Mobility app.

It is no longer necessary to exchange a physical DKV card! All transactions and receipts made with the old card can still be viewed in your DKV Mobility app.

Please contact your fleet manager first. DKV APP & GO can only be used by activating your account and assigning your card. You can see how this works here.

This function follows the prepaid logic. Your fleet manager can allocate a certain budget to your cards. If this budget is exhausted, you can use this function to ask your fleet manager to increase your budget.

Cards are released or withdrawn within seconds.

No, the withdrawal of authorizations simply means that the card can no longer be used. The receipts remain visible in the app.

1. The fleet manager must create an account for the driver in DKV Cockpit with the role "Driver" and assign him the cards he can use for APP&GO.

2. The driver must set a password, which is then required for the app login. To do so, he must follow the instructions in the registration e-mail he receives as soon as the fleet manager has created his user in DKV Cockpit.

3. The driver must download the latest version of the DKV Mobility App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store .