DKV Mobility Scandinavia - A trusted partner of high-quality mobility services for truck and car fleets for more than 30 years.

DKV Mobility Skandinavia

Benefits at DKV Mobility

  • Compensation in line with the sector’s usual levels
  • Bonus scheme depending on your function
  • Voluntary pension scheme

  • Combination of work-from-home and office
  • Flexible working hours

  • Regular webinars on health topics in English

  • Learning on site, digitally and in programs
  • Individual learning (e.g. with LinkedIn Learning)
  • Award-winning "Who knows, teaches" initiatives
  • High-potential programs and offers for all career paths
  • Team-building

  • DKV Card: Discounts with the DKV CARD Climate +Charge for up to two private vehicles

  • The office has convenient links to the road network.
  • Office that contains free facilities (snacks, fruits, coffee)
  • Contribution to family events (e.g., marriage, childbirth, etc.)
  • Xmas parties, ad-hoc celebrations and other regular social gatherings with the team