How route planning can increase efficiency

How route planning can increase efficiency
Man with Ipad that shows DKV Maps

It is often said that the journey is more important than the destination. We all know that in business and in the mobility sector especially both the journey and the destination are highly relevant. That is why DKV Mobility pays special attention to the journey of its customers and on the question how they can improve that journey. Improvement in this case means maximum outcome with the lowest resources possible. Also, it is very important that drivers are able to have a safe and comfortable, worry-free drive.

Besides the essential advantages given by the fuel card, the main pillar of any mobility service, DKV Mobility clients have several other tools that can help them plan their route, to reduce their costs and increase their efficiency.

DKV MAPS and the route planner

The first tool any transport company should be using is the route planner . This online module is accessible from anywhere, at any time, allows easy route customization by drag and drop, helps identify any fuel station in the network and offers detailed information on the station. This information includes updated prices, and a wide range of search filters for customized searches. It can also serve for an estimated calculation of tolls for the desired route. No truck operator should miss this tool.

DKV Mobility App

Going mobile? Yes please! Once you get on the road, the DKV Mobility App will help you to easily identify the most suitable DKV Mobility acceptance point near you at any time. This means fueling, parking, cleaning, service, and others. You get full information about the services offered and you can easily navigate to it with you favorite app for mobility. You can also enjoy DKV APP&GO at around 3.000 stations. The mobile payment function allows paying for the fuel directly at the pump via your smartphone.


If you want to push your fleet management to the next level DKV LIVE is exactly what you need. DKV LIVE is the performant digital assistant we created for truck and fleet operators who want to truly be in charge and aware of their fleets at any moment. Besides crucial functions like immediate notifications about suspicious fuel transactions to help prevent fuel fraud, DKV LIVE informs you in real time where you can refuel at low-cost fuel stations. The system also offers GPS tracking that allows clear estimations for arrival at destination that can also be shared with the clients. Not to mention that tachograph data can be downloaded remotely which translates to fewer fines and up to date data always regardless of where the vehicles are at the time.