Greta Lammerse (Marketing Manager): "Let's drive the transition!"

Greta Lammerse (Marketing Manager): "Let's drive the transition!"
Greta Lammerse

Why do you choose DKV Mobility every day?

Every day is a new journey. The variety, the (international) colleagues and the developments within DKV Mobility make every day a celebration. The world of mobility never stands still, but so does the personal learning curve within DKV Mobility. Also, the fact that we give young talents a chance and learn from them ourselves is an absolute win-win situation. DKV Mobility is preparing itself for the future and our purpose fits perfectly: To drive the transition towards an efficient and sustainable future of mobility.

What was your most satisfying moment at DKV Mobility?

Among the many great moments there are two highlights:

The Belgian road-pricing project (2016): The international cooperation, design and guidance of the whole project; the challenges and opportunities; the involvement of a charity like UNICEF (VTNL was really a pioneer in CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility); the common goals, but also the celebration of a party after this successful project.

VTNL's 30-year anniversary celebrations in which customers and colleagues were involved – and we participated in the fund-raising event Alpe d'HuZes and thus once again showed our CSR proficiency. It was so special to me that this was supported by our employer DKV Mobility. "We care" in optima forma.

How would you define DKV Mobility in three words?

  • Progressive
  • Innovative
  • Challenging