Turning a passion into your profession

Turning a passion into your profession
Dani Kreeft and Dennis Versteeg in front of Kreeft

Dani Kreeft, Kreeft Auto & Service and Dennis Versteeg, Sales Representative Fleet for DKV Mobility Benelux

The story of Kreeft Auto & Service began in 2016 when Bas Kreeft founded a company with which he wanted to give substance to his passion: finding, delivering and maintaining only the best cars, selected for exclusivity, sportiness, demonstrable history, comfort and design.

Working first from a compact workshop, now from a modern showroom and workshop under one roof, Bas and his sons Joey and Dani find their dream car for each customer and take care of the maintenance of these dream cars (and many other cars in the area), from roadworthiness testing to upgrades and repairs. Since its inception, the company has partnered with DKV Mobility on fuel cards, and charging passes. DKV Mobility also handles foreign VAT recovery for KREEFT Auto & Service.

The customer journey on YouTube

Dani Kreeft, son of founder Bas Kreeft and an avid vlogger: "My brother and I grew up with cars, because my father has been in this business all his life. So it was a great opportunity for us to get into my father's business - because there are many opportunities to expand. People from all over the country know how to find us for their dream car, where we try to always go the extra mile. For example, many people from our area wanted to come with us to Germany to pick up a new car, but this is not possible in all cases. So I started making videos to virtually take people along on the journey to pick up a car. This has grown into a YouTube channel with currently more than >1000 followers in which I take people through work - from picking up cars to simple explainer videos about what we look for at an Apk inspection. This channel is growing, it's huge fun to do and it reinforces the sometimes unreliable image of auto garages. People can see that most companies employ passionate professionals and that it is a wonderful profession."


Kreeft Auto & Service opted for DKV Mobility fuel cards right from the start because of its large network in the Netherlands and abroad, with Germany being particularly important. In addition, even then the cards were easy to apply for. Dani Kreeft: "Today we use the fuel cards and recently also the charging card to charge our electric and hybrid cars. In addition, DKV Mobility takes care of the recovery of the German VAT paid. As a result, we receive the VAT back quickly. Many companies think "it's not worth it," but it still makes a nice amount of money. DKV Mobility really unburdens us. I can go to any gas station, even in Germany, with the DKV Card and we get all the costs clearly in a clear invoice. Without this pass, I would have to keep every receipt and store it back at home in our accounting system - and reclaiming the VAT paid in Germany would then certainly not be that easy."

Even more benefits as a VASS member

DKV Mobility is of course not the only supplier offering this service, yet at Kreeft Auto & Service they are not mulling over switching. Dani: "DKV Mobility values the customer experience just as much as we do. For example, through DKV COCKPIT we can easily request additional passes, and through the DKV Mobility app we can use DKV Mobility's services on the road, including to see where we can refuel and recharge. If personal contact is needed, for example when we had changed legal form, it is always smooth and personal. No call centers or uninterested employees, just a regular contact person with knowledge of the business. And, since we joined VASS (Verenigde Autobedrijven Samen Sterk ) DKV Mobility's offer has become even more attractive, with discounts on fuel prices, for example. No, no other provider for us. The cooperation with DKV Mobility saves us a lot of work and gives us additional benefits. A real win-win in other words."

Dennis Versteeg, Sales Representative Fleet for DKV Mobility Benelux, says the feeling is mutual. Dennis: "The relationship we have with Kreeft Auto & Service is a real partnership. At DKV Mobility, we are happy that our products and services unburden Kreeft to focus on their real passions."

Dani Kreeft's YouTube channel can be found here.

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