The perfect mix for efficiency and transparency

The perfect mix for efficiency and transparency
Concrete mixer pouring concrete

Already known in the industry of construction, Lukenda GmbH & Co. KG is now in its second generation of family owners. The medium-sized company supplies around 80 concrete mixers to construction sites in the surrounding area of its headquarters in the west of Stuttgart. In order to offer his customers more transparency and to increase efficiency in everyday operations, Managing Director Ivan Lukenda was looking for a lean telematics system that is easy to install and ideally, also covers tank management.

As the company was already using DKV Mobility's fuel and service cards, Ivan Lukenda decided to test the newly introduced DKV LIVE telematics system for his vehicles in 2020. Offering all the functionalities of a full-fledged telematics system, it is also the only telematics system on the market that allows the fuel card data to be synchronized with the vehicle data.

"When we started the test phase with DKV LIVE, we were looking for a telematics system that would make our everyday work easier," says Ivan Lukenda, describing the change he hopes to see. Previously, the only way to determine the location of a vehicle in the fleet was for the dispatcher to contact the driver personally. Downloading the digital tachograph and driver card, as well as processing billing-relevant data for payroll accounting, was all done manually.

Digitalization: DKV LIVE ensures more efficiency in everyday life

DKV LIVE scored points right from the start when it claimed to digitize time-consuming manual processes. Digitizing was exactly what it did, given that the telematics system sends the data from the digital tachograph and driver card as well as billing-relevant data and logbooks digitally via a mobile phone connection ("over-the-air"). Manual processing becomes irrelevant, and the data is immediately available for further processing. This not only takes the load off the accounting department, but also makes it easier to invoice the customer.

What’s more, DKV LIVE makes it possible to analyze driving patterns using engine data (e.g. engine speed) and consumption data, for example, and thus als generate savings potential in this respect. By comparing trip data and tank contents, the most suitable filling station can also be selected at the best possible time for refueling.

Greater customer satisfaction through more transparency

Lukenda's customers also benefit from the telematics system. Thanks to live tracking, the dispatcher knows the location of the vehicles at all times and knows when the concrete mixer will arrive at its destination. In addition, Lukenda can also make this data available to its customers so that they can view the location of the concrete mixer themselves - a very precious advantage, especially in such time-critical construction industry.

Professional installation by Bosch installation service

Ivan Lukenda quickly decided to extend the use of DKV LIVE to his entire fleet of vehicles. Although DKV LIVE can be easily self-installed, the company was looking for a partner to equip the 80 concrete mixers as quickly and smoothly as possible, and hence, Bosch Installation Service, a certified partner of DKV Mobility, was picked. "Bosch Installation Service handled the installation of DKV LIVE and its connection to the vehicles' FMS interface very smoothly and to our full satisfaction," says Ivan Lukenda.

Since then, Lukenda never looked back! The company benefited massively from everything DKV LIVE has to offer. From a significantly more efficient driving style for the 80 concrete mixers and optimized tank management, to the completely digitalized data provision from the digital tachograph, the driver card, billing data and wage-related data. In summary, full transparency and increased customer satisfaction – simply through DKV LIVE. DKV LIVE and Lukenda - The perfect mix for efficiency and transparency.