Taking customer service in mobility to the next level

Taking customer service in mobility to the next level
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For Newsroom, Madalina Obaciu, Customer Service Manager at DKV Mobility in Romania, talks about the relation between DKV Mobility and customers on this market and what the local team is doing to make the life of clients easier.

Newsroom: How does DKV Mobility measure the clients satisfaction level?

Madalina Obaciu: DKV Mobility puts great emphasis on the customers’ satisfaction level. Thus, starting this year, we offer customers the opportunity to give us feedback on their relationship with the support team after each call. Another method we constantly use are customer satisfaction surveys. We regularly observe - what our clients almost always confirm -, selectively, that there is a strong connection between DKV Mobility and its clients, based on trust, because they consider they can rely on us. At the same time, based on these results, we can take the necessary actions (specific or general) in order to further increase the level of satisfaction of our customers.

Newsroom: What are the main things appreciated by the clients in relation with the support team at DKV Mobility?

Madalina Obaciu: First of all, the support team in Romania is designed as a consulting team for clients. We address both large transport companies and small companies, and from here the things valued by clients differ, but certainly the common points are: the quality of the information and promptness. We notice that the members of the DKV Mobility team are considered as consultants, not just as simple information providers. Customers turn to us for help in various situations, from simple route planning to issues related to taxation in certain countries.

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Newsroom: Are there any tools you use to make clients life easier in reaching and getting support from DKV Mobility in Romania?

Madalina Obaciu: Considering that in the year 2022, on a global scale, the emphasis has been very much on digitalization regardless of the field, the same can be said about the transport sector. DKV Mobility has always been in the forefront of the digitalization of sustainable mobility. So, in addition to the support we offer to the clients via phone or email, all DKV Mobility clients have the opportunity to use the DKV Cockpit 24/7 platform where they can order fuel cards, block supplies, set limits for DKV cards and others. From this year, DKV Mobility customers can unlock the cards on the phone when the driver is at the service station, offering more security and increased flexibility for the use of our services.

Newsroom: Do you have testimonials from clients or thank you words colleagues remember from this year?

Madalina Obaciu: We hear thank you words from our customers every day, because we are the first contact that a DKV Mobility customer calls when she/he encounters a problem on the transport route from storage to unloading and beyond. At that moment, the support team provides the client with relevant information as quickly as possible to resolve the situation and reduce damages such as loss of time or avoiding fines.

Newsroom: What do you think can be further improved to better serve the clients?

Madalina Obaciu: Certainly, improvements in the performance of work processes can be identified at any time, but we can also work on the knowledge of our people regarding mobility. Especially now, when everything is changing: from fuel prices to road tax payment methods or transport restrictions. In order to be able to improve a service or a product, a permanent analysis of the client's requirements is needed. For this reason, DKV Mobility constantly analyzes the opinion of the clients because we care to offer the client a superior experience in collaboration with DKV Mobility and invest in time to win the client's loyalty. The customers’ loyalty and pleasure to collaborate with DKV Mobility becomes obvious when they recommend us to other companies, which leads to signing contracts based on the recommendations.

Newsroom: What is the next big thing in customer service that maybe any company would like to offer to its clients?

Madalina Obaciu: At DKV Mobility we are constantly looking for ways to enrich the client's experience in terms of the consultancy offered. Thus, we must rely on the client's experience from the moment when the signing of the contract is discussed and, if necessary, until the moment of closing the collaboration. Let's put the customer's opinion in the center, and based on the results obtained, find new methods to maintain and increase the level of customer satisfaction because the customers' wishes can change, and what matters this year may not be a priority next year.