Less stress: The smart toll solution for your next camping trip

Less stress: The smart toll solution for your next camping trip
Campervan at the coast at sunset.

Before the suitcase is packed and the camper is fueled, there is a lot of organizational stuff to plan - usually connected with a lot of paper chaos, bureaucratic questions and all the toll regulations that have to be considered and are regulated differently in each country. This type of research can be time-consuming and nerve-racking. Time wasters you do not need shortly before departure. Good, if this research work is taken off your hands.

Route tickets, toll boxes or vignettes? In this article we explain which service you need for your next trip with your camper.

Route ticket, vignette or toll box

There is a wide choice - and it can also be overwhelming. Those who have traveled extensively by camper already know their way around the toll jungle.

In Europe, almost all freeways as well as selected bridges and tunnels (only in the Scandinavian countries) are subject to tolls - it is easy to lose track of the different payment systems and toll regulations. We have summarized the most important options for you:

• Route tickets: Route tickets only pay for a selected route and can be purchased online or on site at terminals, depending on the country. Registration is not necessary in many places. The amount of the fee depends on the vehicle class and is allowed in these countries: France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Portugal and Spain. A route ticket is therefore an option for those drivers who rarely travel in certain countries.

• Vignette: Vignettes are available at gas stations or border stations and can be booked for a limited time, for example, for 10 days a year. Depending on your needs, there are flexible daily, weekly, monthly or annual vignettes. Because vignettes are not permitted in all states, this toll solution is only available in selected countries. They are valid for freeways and expressways in these countries: Bulgaria, Austria, Romania, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Hungary.

• Toll box: Applies (depending on the toll box) to selected countries. The route-related toll is recorded and billed electronically via the box, which is easily mounted on the windshield. Another major advantage is that the toll box is easy to set up: simply plug it into the cigarette lighter and drive off. Alternatively, a fixed installation, which should be carried out by a workshop, is also possible. A toll box is particularly recommended for flexible and spontaneous frequent drivers who would like to avoid the paper chaos before planning a vacation.

What is the best fit for my Camper and my upcoming trip?

If your trip starts in Düsseldorf and the destination is a campsite in the Algarve, Portugal, the following routes are subject to a toll:

- Belgium

- France

- Spain

- Portugal

Map camper route

This route includes a route with four toll countries. Which toll solution is worthwhile in this example? With a toll box that has the toll systems of all four countries mentioned, you bring them all under one roof. In the following section, you can find out which toll box has the greatest potential.

Less stress when planning, more time to enjoy - offers the EETS Box

Over time, the required toll boxes accumulate to allow drivers to drive their planned routes. In selected countries, the toll box is already mandatory for motorhomes over 3.5T.

For one or another motorhome enthusiast, the European Electronic Toll Service (short: EETS) is probably a term. While you're still stuck in a traffic jam yourself, owners of toll boxes are prioritized by specially marked lanes - a time saver, especially during peak season. But what can this toll box do?

The goal of the EETS Box is simple: one box for all toll countries. A toll box that is installed once in the vehicle and recognized by European toll systems in the respective countries. The tolls incurred are made available to the user in a clearly structured total invoice.

Our solution: The Camper Tollbox - A cooperation with DKV Mobility and ADAC

Until now, the EETS Box has not been an option for private travelers, but that is changing this motorhome season: DKV Mobility and ADAC are offering a solution for all motorhome owners who like to travel through European countries - a Camper Toll Box for motorhomes over 3.5T zGG.

The Camper Tollbox is valid for eleven European toll systems in ten countries – making the next camping trip even easier, more digital and more flexible!

The Camper Mautbox is valid in these countries and toll systems: Austria, France, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Italy and the tunnels Liefkenshoek in Belgium and Warnowquerung, Herrentunnel in Germany and the bridges Öresund in Sweden as well as Storebaelt in Denmark

A great selection of countries, considering that most journeys - as in our example - not only pass through one country, but also have to service several different toll systems.

Which toll solution suits my camper vacation in Europe best?

The choice of the appropriate toll solution depends entirely on how often the motorhome is used and which routes are driven. For those who want to try it out first and do not intend to travel to a distant country, route tickets or vignettes are sufficient, depending on the destination country.

Loyal motorhome drivers who travel frequently on roads should opt for a toll box that covers multiple countries. Effort and stress factors are best minimized with this solution, and you can focus on what is really important: Your next vacation!

Learn more about the Camper Tollbox, toll and freeway fee settlements, and other relevant conditions: www.dkv-mautbox.de/adac