How apps are changing the mobility network

How apps are changing the mobility network
Man holds smartphone with DKV Mobility App in his hands

Google Maps, Maps or Waze – navigation via smartphone took over and is nowadays used by most of us. It has been only 20 years ago that we were still using either printed maps, or navigation units. But as smartphones gained ground and made their way into anyone’s pocket so did the mobility apps which practically allowed anyone to navigate freely to any point on the road map.

Like any giant technological leap in consumer technology, the business sector was not far behind, also seeking to provide viable solutions for companies who needed to connect the freedom offered by smartphone navigation apps with their day-to-day business.

As customers are on the road, DKV Mobility developed the DKV Mobility App. A user-friendly and easy to use smartphone app empowering any car or truck driver. The app gives the user access to the wide network service stations connected to DKV Mobility. Once logged in, the user will be able to see all information about each station, including fuel prices and other relevant details. The app also enables the user to navigate to a particular station directly via Google Maps or Maps. Users can compare prices, choose the optimal fuel station and see where the mobile payment function “APP&GO” is accepted. This free feature in the DKV Mobility App allows them easy and convenient payment from the fuel pump, thus avoiding ques and extra time at the counter. The map also displays current traffic status, so the user knows if the route to the specific station might involve heavy traffic before deciding to take it.

What makes the app unique is the combination of fuel stations and charge points in one app. Within the same app users can filter for fuel stations or charge points. For users with an electric vehicle the intelligent route planning is very interesting. To get the best route, users only have to fill in their vehicle data, starting and target point of the route and the app will calculate the best possible route with charging stops already planned.

The extensive search option allows identifying other services like fuel, parking, cleaning, and other services while in case of breakdown the users can rest assured, they can count on DKV Mobility for assistance. Preferred station can be easily saved while the search function also allows filtering stations on different criteria like low emission fuels as LNG or LPG.

The app can also be linked to the DKV Cockpit and once logged in, the user can see DKV Cards assigned to them and communicate with the fleet manager to request a limit increase or simply to view the expenditure limit. Mobility apps have constantly enhanced mobile devices and the best is yet to come.