Hitting the waves: Rapid Surf League and DKV Mobility

Hitting the waves: Rapid Surf League and DKV Mobility
A surfer surfing on a wave

In July 2022 it was finally time again. At 34 degrees and in the sunshine, the best rapid surfers met again in Munich to showcase their skills in front of a sold-out audience at the RSL Pure Surfcamp Munich Pro. Spurred on by thunderous applause, the surfers provided an exciting competition in which Janina Zeitler and Lenny Weinhold finally prevailed in a hard-fought final against their competitors and won the Rapid Surf League Event. Congratulations!

The Rapid Surf League (RSL) is the world's first professional surf league where you surf on a so-called "standing" wave. Rapid refers to the "rapid" on which the surfing takes place but can also be understood as the fast sequence of highlights that characterize rapid surfing. Since the seventies, people in Munich have been surfing on standing waves, such as the Eisbach, and the young sport is becoming increasingly popular. In Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy alone there are about 16 standing waves and types of natural, semi-natural and artificial wave systems. The RSL gathers the world's best rapid surfers on a tour, where they compete on these waves and engage in exciting competitions.

"The sport is growing insanely fast and it's great to shape it together with the best in the world," says RSL organizer Quirin Rohleder.

An indoor surfer on a standing wave

Since 2022, the organizers have relied on fuel cards from DKV Mobility when on tour. "With the fuel cards, we save valuable time and nerves by eliminating paperwork. For us as the organizing team, this is very important and helps us to focus completely on managing the Rapid Surf League." Quirin Rohleder continues.

The RSL Tour includes six to seven events in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy, all of which are driven to by vans. Instead of having to collect the fuel receipts, the fuel costs incurred by the tour vans can be paid easily and conveniently without cash using our DKV fuel cards at the fuel stations. This not only makes the refueling process easier, but also saves the vans time on their routes and allows them to arrive at surf events even faster. DKV fuel cards are accepted at around 63,000 service stations throughout Europe. This means drivers don't need cash, nor do they have to spend a lot of time searching for a fuel station. They can easily find the nearest fuel station in the DKV Mobility App. In addition, our network includes around 468,000 publicly accessible charge points, around 30,000 vehicle service stations, such as car washes, and around 20,000 filling stations offering alternative fuels. No matter what you drive, the DVK fuel card is the key to limitless mobility.

This year, thanks to the DKV fuel cards, the organizers of the RSL will once again not have to worry about finding fuel stations or accounting for the vehicles but will instead be able to focus entirely on a successful 2023 tour. We are excited to see who will win the title this year with impressive rides, keep our fingers crossed for all of the surfers and look forward to mastering the next waves together!