A partnership with brilliance

A partnership with brilliance
Car of Beerens Passenger Transport next to a private jet

In early 2022, DKV Mobility signed an agreement with ANAC Carwash B.V., bringing ten Dutch carwashes and two petrol stations into the DKV Mobility network. The main aim of this cooperation is to offer DKV Mobility customers in the Netherlands an even more attractive service portfolio. Using their existing well-known DKV CARD, customers can now benefit from the possibility of having their vehicles cleaned quickly and efficiently, without any administrative hassle: all transactions are clearly displayed on DKV Mobility's bi-weekly invoice.

One satisfied user of this new service is Beerens Personenvervoer, a company founded by Kay Beerens in 2009 and specialising in business passenger transport at home and abroad. The company emphasises quality, with professional drivers and modern, spacious Mercedes-Benz brand vehicles. Kay Beerens, the founder of Beerens Personenvervoer, has always had a clear mission. With his education in Transport & Logistics and his experience as a taxi driver, he knew what it took to set up a successful taxi company. Together with his brother Kevin, who joined the company, they have grown Beerens Personenvervoer into a company with a fleet of more than 50 vehicles. The company continues to grow both organically and through strategic acquisitions.

Zwei Männer an einem Verladehof.

Beerens Personenvervoer's fleet is always well maintained, with shiny polished vehicles and clean, fresh and smoke-free interiors. Kay Beerens stresses the importance of a representative fleet: "High-quality transport starts with a representative fleet. We therefore ask our drivers to wash their cars regularly. It is a great administrative relief for us that our drivers can now easily settle these costs with their DKV CARD. Moreover, we receive a clear invoice for these costs."

Beerens Personenvervoer drivers are also enthusiastic about the extension of this service. George Lamslag, one of the drivers working for Beerens Personenvervoer, says: "It's great that we can now go to ANAC Carwash without any hassle with declarations. My car is washed quickly and safely at ANAC Carwash, and because they have several branches, I can also easily use the facilities on the road."

Inside view of a car from Beerens Passenger Transport

Kay Beerens is pleased to see that DKV Mobility continues to strive to improve their service: "Step by step, DKV Mobility is taking more and more administrative work off our hands, allowing Beerens Passenger Transport to focus even better on their core business of providing high-quality business transport and care and patient transport."

Dennis Versteeg, Sales Representative - Fleet for DKV Mobility Benelux, is proud of the good cooperation: "I am happy that we can facilitate Beerens well, in terms of washing their vehicles. I always challenge myself to be able to relieve customers in as many areas as possible. Our claim is not for nothing "You drive, we care"."