Up to 24 cents per litre back
Refund Belgium.

The mobility service provider DKV is now offering all companies based in the EU the option to pre-finance the refund of the mineral oil tax paid in Belgium. The requirement for this option is that the vehicles have a permissible gross weight of at least 7.5 tonnes or at least eight seats. Refuellings that cannot be attributed to any vehicle on the invoices (missing information or information that differs from the official vehicle registration number, e.g. vehicle cards etc.) will automatically be excluded from this pre-financing.

This new service expands the previous offer: DKV Refund Normal is supplemented by DKV Fast Refund. "With DKV Refund Normal, the customer will only receive the mineral oil tax paid back after reimbursement by the Belgian customs authorities; with DKV Fast Refund, the reimbursement will be made by us as soon as possible", explains Peter Meier, CFO of DKV Mobility Group. "This gives our customers an enormous liquidity advantage of up to 24 cents per litre". With both variants, the customer's receipts are automatically recorded and processed by DKV. A separate customer statement listing all reimbursement amounts and fees in detail will be generated. In addition to Belgium, DKV also offers mineral oil tax refunds for France, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain and Hungary.

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