Mobility transition: DKV Mobility expands product range with CO2-reduced diesel fuel (R33)

One of Europe’s leading mobility service providers DKV Mobility – on its way to climate neutrality in business mobility in the future – offers its customers the option of refueling CO2-reduced diesel fuel, known as "R33 BlueDiesel". In a first cooperation with the international technology and service company Bosch, their company car drivers in Germany will in future be able to obtain climate friendly R33 BlueDiesel with the DKV Mobility fuel card, even outside the company's service stations.

To extend R33 BlueDiesel refuelling accessibility for drivers of Bosch company cars, DKV Mobility has identified filling stations with notably high filling frequency from Bosch. Based on this cooperation also, DKV Mobility intends to expand its regional network of R33 BlueDiesel filling stations with the corresponding range of products. Seven fuel stations are currently available, with four more planned by the end of the year.

"This is a very fine example of the fact that the energy switch in the mobility sector can only succeed in partnership. We will only succeed in achieving a climate-neutral Europe in 2050 if we think out of the box and find ways to decarbonise using existing instruments - with R33 BlueDiesel, we want to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint today," says Marco van Kalleveen, CEO of DKV Mobility.

"We have already converted around 1 million liters of R33 BlueDiesel through our company filling stations at Bosch since 2019. This has allowed us to reduce the CO2 emissions of our fleet by 2,600 tons. With the help of the additional offer of R33 BlueDiesel at public filling stations, we can now drive this further," says Dr. Uwe Gackstatter, Chairman of the board of management of the Powertrain Solutions division at Bosch.

R33 BlueDiesel fuel consists of up to 33 percent renewable feedstock, reducing CO2 emissions by at least 22 percent compared with pure fossil diesel fuels. The remaining CO2 emissions are offset by certificates. R33 BlueDiesel complies with the current EN590 standard and can therefore be blended with normal diesel as desired.

DKV Mobility offers corporate customers the option to determine fleet-specific tank focal points and provides support in selecting suitable supply points. R33 BlueDiesel can be purchased with the DKV CARD and the DKV COCKPIT helps with the analysis of the corresponding CO2 balance.

DKV Mobility's aim is to become a leading independent service provider for green mobility in Europe. Accordingly, DKV Mobility's supply network today already includes over 200,000 charging points for electromobility and around 18,000 filling stations for alternative fuels. Consumption of conventional fuels in DKV Mobility's network of more than 67,000 service stations can also be offset in a climate-neutral manner via the DKV CARD CLIMATE.

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