DKV settles tolls in Morocco
DKV Afriquia

Now customers of leading B2B service provider DKV Mobility can settle Moroccan toll cashless via the prepaid on-board unit TAG JAWAZ. A contract to this effect was signed recently between DKV Mobility and Moroccan toll TAGS Distributor Afriquia SMDC. The toll network in Morocco covers 1,750 kilometers. DKV customers can conveniently choose from 40 point-of-sale and fuel stations along the main traffic route in Morocco to purchase the on-board unit. At toll stations, DKV customers can settle tolls automatically via the OBU using the drive-through toll lane.

“We are very proud to be able to offer our customers toll settlement in the African continent for the first time in the history of our company. Hereby we serve lots of European and African customers using more and more the Moroccan Motorway Network for Good transports”, says Jérôme Lejeune, Managing Director Toll at DKV. “DKV has a long-term partnership with Afriquia SMDC on the Fuel Business. We are proud to continue with toll our joined mobility partnership in the future with this seamless Tolling Solution.” Elbaghdadi CEO of Afriquia SMDC adds: “As the leader of oil & gas distribution in Morocco, we are happy that the partnership with DKV goes beyond DKV acceptance for refueling at our gas stations network. Offering toll TAGS and toll TAGS charging for DKV customers is a natural step forward to maximize customer satisfaction with a single provider”.

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