DKV Mobility partners with Imagine Foundation e.V.

European mobility service provider DKV Mobility is now cooperating with Imagine Foundation e.V. (Imagine) – a Berlin-based association that supports international IT & User Experience/Customer Experience specialists in entering the German job market. The Imagine Foundation e.V. association has its origins in working with people in the Middle East, but quickly expanded its activities to Eastern Europe. Considering the current situation, this partnership will focus on job placement for IT professionals from Eastern Europe especially Ukraine, a measure to integrate them into the German workforce.

Shortage of skilled workers – especially in IT & User Experience/Customer Experience – remains a challenge for many German companies, and this can inadvertently limit these companies' full development potential in the future. On the one hand, the local demand is much greater than the number of candidates available in Germany, and on the other hand, skilled workers from outside Europe are faced with the lack of network and high entry barriers.

“As European mobility service provider, we need to win over highly specialised IT & User Experience/Customer Experience staff to further advance our ambitious growth strategy and to take advantage of the opportunities of digitisation. We are proud to be in this partnership with Imagine. It will help us to present our job openings to a much broader audience of well-trained specialists; and give those talents and specialists from all over the world the chance to apply their skill and talent at DKV Mobility”, says Till Kreiler, Chief Digital Officer at DKV Mobility.

Imagine Co-Founder Johann Harnoss adds: “At Imagine, we work together with leading firms like DKV Mobility to match talent and opportunity. We are offering a digital service that increases people's chance of finding a job in Germany. Successful applicants shall have MINT degrees, a minimum of 2 years of work experience and actively seeking a future in Europe. We provide personal, in-depth coaching via video chat and help candidates assess their readiness for a job in Germany.”

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