DKV Mobility offers European certification for sustainable corporate mobility

The European mobility service provider DKV Mobility is consistently expanding its portfolio in the field of sustainable mobility. In cooperation with the Bundesverband Fuhrparkmanagement e.V. (BVF), DKV Mobility is now offering support for the European Certification for Sustainable Corporate Mobility (ECSM certification) of the Fleet and Mobility Management Federation Europe (FMFE). In order to be certified, companies' commitment to the development of sustainable corporate mobility will be examined, analyzed and evaluated once a year over a period of five years. Through the certification, DKV Mobility customers will get transparency on their company's sustainability of mobility and professional support in improving their performance based on Europe-wide standard for sustainability certification.

"We are very pleased to be able to expand our service portfolio and expertise in the area of sustainable mobility with this new, innovative service," says Marc Erkens, Head of Sustainability, New Mobility & Public Afffairs at DKV Mobility. "The certification supports the transformation of operational mobility towards more sustainability and is another dedicated service for our customers to master the challenges of the energy transition together with us and our partners."

Sustainable corporate mobility as a topic for the future

"Sustainable corporate mobility is a future topic, but something that should have started yesterday. With the ECSM certification, companies are supported in laying a foundation for future mobility and building on previous activities in a meaningful way. We very much welcome the cooperation with DKV Mobility, because it means we have a strong partner at our side and can reach even more mobility managers to make mobility more sustainable. DKV Mobility is thus setting an important social course toward greater sustainability - also through the service it provides for its customers," says Axel Schäfer, Managing Director of BVF.

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