DKV Mobility cooperates with transport platform Trans.eu
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The mobility provider DKV Mobility and Trans.eu, the digital logistics platform for land transport, have agreed on a close cooperation. Customers can now access the Trans.eu platform free of charge via DKV LIVE, DKV's digital fleet and refueling assistant. This brings the tasks of fleet and transport management even closer together via digital services. In combining both solutions, dispatchers can further optimize the use of vehicles. This is because DKV customers now benefit from the load-matching function integrated in Trans.eu which is used to receive freight offers based on the vehicle position of the trucks transmitted in real time. Carriers can avoid empty runs and plan to transport in a route- and resource-optimized way. A positive side effect is that the position-optimized freight also offers DKV Live users to mitigate CO2 and thus protect the environment. To do this, they have access to the loads of more than 40,000 users of the Trans.eu network throughout Europe. Thus, in addition to the DKV solution, they also have access to the freight of verified Eastern European forwarders.

Price forecasts facilitate negotiations

To complete the transportation contract on the freight offers, users of the DKV platform are redirected directly to the Trans.eu interface. There they can use all the functions of the freight portal. These include a price prediction algorithm that provides a quick overview of what prices can be obtained for specific transports on the open freight market. Price negotiations are easy to conduct via Trans.eu and the platform's internal messenger with automatic translation function. As a basis for this, users first see the details of a tendered freight and can contact the offering freight forwarder. Once they win the bid, the only transaction costs incurred is for the brokering of the load on the platform. "One price for two digital platforms - DKV users have direct access to our freight pool without a subscription and only pay the transaction costs. This works quickly and easily," emphasizes Bogdan Kosturek, Vice President of Technology and Product Development - at Trans.eu. "With the linking of our two portals, our customers can now use their vehicles even more sustainably - because it is much easier for them to find loads that can be picked up within the location of the truck. A win for the environment, too," adds Manuel von Mohrenschildt, Director Partner & Solution Sales at DKV.


The new digital portal DKV LIVE paves the way to digital fleet management. With DKV LIVE, users can continuously optimize the logistical effort of their dispatchers,

drivers and customers. They can see every single truck in their fleet on a digital map throughout the entire tour. All important information is available in real time at a glance: Through live tracking, DKV LIVE users know where their trucks are and how fast they are traveling. This makes it easy to avoid inefficient processes during route planning. In addition, all data is documented smoothly and comprehensively, saving time. With DKV LIVE's route planner and the smart technology of the alarm manager, fleet managers can avoid unexpected delays. Tacho data for displaying driving time overruns can also be imported into the Tachomanager to comply with legal requirements.

The DKV LIVE portal helps customers optimize their route planning to save time, costs and CO2. In addition, the solutions are designed to sustainably improve driving behavior and increase truck utilization.

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