DKV CARD now accepted for "Platon" toll system in Russia
Toll Russia

With immediate effect, customers of one of Europe’s leading mobility service providers, DKV Mobility, can use their DKV CARD to settle toll charges in Russia. The ability to settle toll in Russia with the DKV CARD now gives customers greater flexibility and saves valuable time. DKV Mobility customers can choose between two options: The customer can use the DKV CARD to book route tickets at the toll terminal as well as at the operator portal or top up their account with the toll operator. For this purpose, online registration at the operator portal must first be carried out.

As the gateway to the Silk Road, Russia makes way for the most important trade route between Europe and Asia. "We are very pleased to offer our customers the options to now settle the toll in Russia with the DKV CARD. Russia is a strategically important country as it enables a transit route to Kazakhstan and China. In other nearby countries, such as Georgia, Belarus or the Baltic States, toll can already be settled with the DKV CARD," says Jérôme Lejeune, Managing Director Toll at DKV Mobility.

Jérôme further adds "Every day, countless number of goods are transported between Europe and Asia via the Silk Road. We want to better connect these routes and strengthen the infrastructure by offering flexible toll solutions for our customers".

In addition to the DKV CARD, DKV Mobility has a broad portfolio of toll solutions for the whole of Europe - including on-board units such as the DKV BOX Europe, vignette and route tickets.

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