DKV BOX EUROPE: Pilot phase launched in Italy

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DKV BOX EUROPE starting in Italy

DKV BOX EUROPE: Pilot phase launched in Italy

With immediate effect, DKV Euro Service is starting the pilot phase for its Europe-wide toll solution, DKV BOX EUROPE, in Italy. The Italian freeway operators had already given their approval in advance.

The pilot phase for the DKV BOX ITALIA for nationally operating hauliers had started in the fall of 2020. DKV has been offering toll products from the operating company for Italy for over 30 years. With the DKV BOX EUROPE and the DKV BOX ITALIA, the mobility service provider will in future expand the range of products for its customers with two of its own box products for vehicles over 3.5 tons to pay Italian road tolls without cash.

"The launch of the pilot phase of DKV BOX EUROPE is an enormously important step for us. Italy has one of the most important toll freeway networks in Europe," says a delighted Jérôme Lejeune, Managing Director Toll at DKV Euro Service. "Currently, hauliers can use the DKV BOX EUROPE to pay tolls without cash in Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, as well as at the Warnow crossing, the Herren Tunnel and the Liefkenshoektunnel. With Italy, we will soon be covering the eleventh toll system with just one box. With Hungary and Switzerland, we intend to offer our customers a total of 13 toll systems by the middle of this year. We would like to thank the Association of Italian Motorway Operators, AISCAT, and look forward to a successful cooperation."

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