Digitization: DKV Mobility launches Toll Product Overview 2.0 for full control and transparency
Toll Product Overview 2.0

As of now, customers of European mobility service provider DKV Mobility can use the new digital tool Toll Product Overview 2.0 to manage all their toll related products and data for full control and transparency. With its new grid-like display, Toll Product Overview 2.0 offers customers full flexibility to organize their toll-related data in the format that facilitates their operational needs. Whether based on their fleet, service country, on-board units or product status, customers are in full command to customize their view, organize the information as they prefer and even export their selected data in just one file.

“Efficiency and transparency are imperative for our customers. The task is therefore ours to make sure that our customers can obtain and use data from our portal easily and quickly, as time is of the essence,” commented Managing Director Toll & Refund Services, Jérôme Lejeune. “Toll Product Overview 2.0 is built exactly based on what our customers needed from us. We will continuously improve this service as well as our DKV COCKPIT to ensure that we constantly keep up with our customers’ needs”.

Reinforcing customer-centricity is a primary rationale for DKV Mobility. With the aim to boost customer experience, DKV Mobility empowers its customers with complete control and transparency when accessing cost and non-cost information in the newly remodeled digital touchpoint.

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