CO2-reduced diesel: DKV Mobility opens HVO supply network to all customers

DKV Mobility, the leading European B2B platform for on-the-road payment solutions, is continuously expanding its supply offer for alternative fuels. Effective immediately, DKV Mobility customers can purchase the CO2-reduced diesel fuel HVO (in various blends up to HVO100) at ~ 650 service stations in Europe (of which ~ 50 in Germany) via their DKV Card and use it for all diesel vehicles with manufacturer approval.

"HVO offers our customers the opportunity to reduce their fleet-related CO2 emissions, by up to 90 percent – and without having to convert or replace the vehicles," says Sven Mehringer, Managing Director Energy & Vehicle Services at DKV Mobility. "That makes this CO2-reduced fuel an effective tool for our customers to improve their carbon footprint."

Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils (HVO) are vegetable oils converted into hydrocarbons by catalytic reaction with hydrogen. They are produced from vegetable oils (including rapeseed or palm oil), their derivatives and waste materials, or even used cooking oils (vegetable and animal). Since the raw materials for HVO can be easily recovered, the fuel falls under renewable diesel, which could play an important role in meeting climate targets. This is because burning HVO produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulates. The exact degree of emissions reduction depends on the feedstock source, production method and specific blend form of the HVO fuel. HVO can be used in diesel fuels as an admixture (e.g., HVO20 or HVO30) or as a pure fuel (HVO100). It is an ideal drop-in solution for existing vehicle fleets as it complies with DIN 590 for diesel fuels (with the exception of density) and no engine or distribution system modifications are required for most vehicles. HVO100 and other pure paraffinic fuels under the DIN EN 15940 standard can therefore for the most part be used without hesitation in newer diesel engines. In principle, HVO can be used for trucks as well as vans and passenger cars. The prerequisite, however, is HVO approval from the vehicle manufacturer.

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