On the road with the Camper Tollbox XXL

On the road with the Camper Tollbox XXL
Campervans parking on a campsite in front of mountain panorama

The world of camping has changed in recent years, and with it the way we plan, conduct and enjoy our trips. DKV Mobility, a pioneer in the mobility industry, has recognised the needs of campers and developed a convienent solution - the "Camper Tollbox XXL" for private motorhome owners who enjoy travelling through European countries.

Manuel von Mohrenschildt, Director Partner & Solution Sales, is an avid camper and told us not only about his experience with the Camper Tollbox XXL, its benefits and how it has made his trips more comfortable and stress-free, but also about his favourite camping spots and his "must haves" for every trip.

Newsroom: Manuel, tell us why you decided to go on holiday with the Camper Toll box?

Manuel von Mohrenschildt: I have had the Camper Tollbox in my motorhome since last year. Before that it was not available for campers. Despite having already explored nearly 20 European countries in our motorhome, we like to travel to France or Italy in the summer and Austria in the winter. In these countries, there is a mileage-based toll for motorhomes over 3.5 tons.

Without the Camper Tollbox, I would have been stuck in traffic at every toll station in France or Italy where payment by card is required. Now I just drive through. And when it comes to Austria, I needed to obtain the GoBox and continually load it with credit at petrol stations, which was inconvenient. Additionally, in certain countries like France, there's virtually no other option for private individuals to acquire a toll box for their vehicle, leaving them with the sole choice of stopping to pay by card.

Camper tollbox at the windshield.

Newsroom: How was it installing and operating the toll box?

Manuel von Mohrenschildt:The installation is very easy because double-sided adhesive strips are included. And once the box is in place, you don't have to worry about it anymore. That's especially important if the windscreen isn't quite as steep as ours. Purely for optical reasons, I had a socket mounted on the front of the dashboard so that I don't have any cables lying around - but that's more a matter of taste and not necessary.

Newsroom: What advantages has the camper toll box provided during your travels?

Manuel von Mohrenschildt: On our last trip this summer we drove through Austria and Slovenia to Croatia. It was especially practical at the Karawanken tunnel. While everyone had to line up at the ticket booths in front of the tunnel, we just followed the trucks straight through. On the way back, due to storms and return traffic, the motorway was so busy that the sat nav suggested Italy as an alternative instead of Slovenia. Italy was also very convenient for us. No stopping, just drive through.

Newsroom: What advantage the toll box did you like the most?

Manuel von Mohrenschildt: In the past, I always had to deal with credit or different toll boxes. As long as the country of travel is activated on the DKV Box Europe, I don't have to worry. It is also very practical to simply drive through toll stations and not have to worry about anything. What's more, I find it practical that more and more countries are available on the box.

Portrait Manuel von Mohrenschildt

Manuel von Mohrenschildt, Director Partner & Solution Sales

Newsroom: Tell us a bit about your experiences as a camper. Which campsites can you recommend, and can you also say something about the routes?

Newsroom: One campsite we love to go to in Germany in the fall is Camping Resort Zugspitze in Grainau. It offers great recreational activities and affords amazing views - and since it's in Bavaria, you can get there toll-free. In winter we love to stay at Sportcamp Woferlgut near Zell am See in Austria. Here we travel down the motorway to Innsbruck and then turn off. In summer we have been to Brittany in France several times now. One campsite that we have visited twice because of its breathtaking view of the sea is Camping Bellevue in Saint-Quay-Pontrieux.

Newsroom: What is your absolute must-have at every campsite?

Manuel von Mohrenschildt: Since our vehicle is equipped with all the necessities, we very often stay at pure motorhome sites. Playgrounds used to be the absolute must-have. Now that the kids are older, playgrounds are less important. What counts today is a good Wi-Fi connection.

On the road with the camper tollbox

Camper on a ferry.

Newsroom: What's your next destination?

Manuel von Mohrenschildt: In the autumn, the Zugspitze resort is on the agenda again, so we'll stay in Germany. This winter, we're planning to go to Austria again. And next year we will drive to Norway via the bridge connection from Denmark to Sweden during our summer holiday. I am already very excited about that.

About the Camper Tollbox XXL

Since summer 2022 DKV Mobility offers the Camper Mautbox XXL in cooperation with ADAC SE, a solution for private motorhome owners who like to travel through Europe without borders. The toll box is suitable for motorhomes with a gross vehicle weight of over 3.5 tonnes and covers eleven European toll systems in ten countries.

The Camper Tollbox is valid in these countries and toll systems: Austria, France, Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Italy and the tunnels Liefkenshoek in Belgium and Warnowquerung, Herrentunnel in Germany and the bridges Öresund in Sweden as well as Storebaelt in Denmark.

You can find more information about the Camper Tollbox here .