DKV Card

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Das größte Tankstellennetz Europas.

DKV LIVE Tracking

Live tracking

Track every single truck in your fleet over the whole of their routes without leaving your office. All the important information at a glance – in real-time. How fast is your truck travelling and where is it right now? Questions for which you have the answers, thanks to DKV LIVE. Delays and avoidable tailbacks are a thing of the past thanks to live tracking.

Digitales Tankmanagement

Digital fuel management

With a coverage of 96%, we are by far the most comprehensive fuel station network in Germany. With this unique network, fuel planning for your fleet will be the easiest and best in Germany. Full transparency with fuel transactions: You are always aware of where, when and how much fuel has been purchased.

DKV LIVE Tour Management

Route management

Inefficient processes during route planning are easy to avoid with DKV LIVE. Comprehensive data recording is a key feature of our portal. True to our motto, You drive, we care, we want you to be able to focus exclusively on your core business. You save crucial time thanks to coherent and comprehensive data documentation.

DKV LIVE Route planning

Intelligent route planning

People often speak of reacting flexibly and quickly in the logistics industry. With DKV LIVE, this becomes part of your daily routine. Our route planner gives you a decisive advantage. Thanks to smart technology embedded in our alarm manager, you are always proactive and can avoid unexpected delays.

DKV LIVE tachometer reading

Digital tachometer reading

As you would expect, tachograph data is automatically read and archived. This safeguards you and saves administration costs. The automated process in the fleet management system reliably performs these obligatory duties and creates time for other important everyday tasks.

DKV LIVE telematic award

Winner of the Telematics Award

Our new telematics system DKV LIVE was awarded the Telematic Award 2020 by the renowned media group in the category "Best Innovation" just a few months after market launch.

The jury singled out the functions related to refuelling. The ability to control refuelling behaviour in real time and have full control over all refuelling is unique on the market in this form.

Fraud Prevention Feature

Fraud Prevention Feature

Fuel theft – display, discover and deter fuel fraud with DKV LIVE

DKV LIVE picks up potential discrepancies between your card's refuelling location and the actual vehicle location and automatically deactivates your card to stop further suspicious activities. Let DKV LIVE be your partner against fuel fraud today.

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