Charging with APP&GO
The digital charging card

person holding mobilephone with DKV App on it

APP&GO Charging - it's so easy

With the digital charging card, you simply confirm charging transactions via your smartphone. So you no longer need a physical charging card, but can control and view all transactions via the DKV Mobility app. Find out here how to set up your digital fuel card in just a few clicks.

Simply confirm loading processes on the smartphone - with APP&GO as normal:

You can easily find your charging station in the DKV Mobility app, where you can also start the navigation to the selected station directly. Once you arrive at the charging station, simply follow the instructions on the screen:

  1. Select the charging station where you are located.
  2. Click on "Start loading process".
  3. Connect the vehicle to the charging station using your charging cable. The charging process officially starts.
  4. End the charging process via the swipe button "End charging process" in the app.
  5. Remove the cable from the charging station. Get back in the car in a relaxed manner and drive on! The transaction is then displayed in the charging history of the app.

APP&GO is quite simple, isn't it?

If you still have unanswered questions, we have summarized the answers to the most frequently asked questions in our FAQs. If you have any further questions, our personal customer advisors are always available to help.
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Sounds like more? Then discover the DKV Mobility App!

In addition to the "APP&GO" feature, DKV Mobility also offers other interesting features that makes driver`s everyday life much easier. There's still plenty to discover, such as intelligent route planning for electric vehicles or the detailed station details where you can call up the latest fuel prices, for example.

Sounds good? Then discover here all about the DKV Mobility app .


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