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Everything for your mobility

The DKV world of mobility

Mobility is more than just movement. It happens not only on the road but also throughout our whole life. Mobility affects us all and is in a state of constant change. What does that mean for us at DKV Mobility?

For us, it is most important that we understand your needs and react to them to produce the best result. Your needs drive us forward – no matter how different and varied they are. But how do we bring all these needs together? With us, there are no ready-made proposals, but rather solutions that can deliver security and efficiency, while offering the greatest ease and convenience. That is what makes up our world of mobility – as it stands today. We are excited at what it may become tomorrow and look forward to discovering it with you.


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are part of our constantly growing network. We proudly care for each individual with heart, soul and passion.


million cards and on-board-units


are in daily use on the roads and make everyday life easier for our customers.


bilion € transaction volume

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have been booked in 2019. We are particularly pleased about the steadily increasing trend from year to year.


international subsidiaries


enable us to help our customers around the world quickly and specifically.



are at work with us and highly motivated to make our services a little better every day.

Our business fields

We have established a broad position in order to fulfil our objectives and be a strong partner for our customers in all situations. Thanks to working closely in a spirit of trust with our customers, we can proudly say that we are the partner with whom you can manage your fleet efficiently and innovatively. It makes no difference whether your fleet is large or small, or consists of cars, trucks, vans or other company vehicles. We will find perfect solutions for your requirements.

Fuelling & charging

Always find a gas station or charging station.

Our DKV fuel cards are your entry ticket to Europe’s largest brand-independent service network in the industry. Whether you have trucks, coaches, vans or company cars, a small, medium or large fleet – DKV Mobility can offer you the most suitable cards for all your vehicle refuelling and charging needs. Over 60,000 fuel stations and 100,000 charging points ensure that you can always rely on us for everything.

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Cashless refueling and charging across Europe
Up to 100% climate neutral
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Finished accounting for tax office without collecting receipts
vehicle-related services
Many other vehicle-related services


Pay your tolls quickly and easily.

We connect Europe. The task of billing tolls in many European countries is complex and needs to be done quickly. Particularly close to our hearts is the DKV BOX EUROPE, with which we strive to make our customers’ lives easier. With our continually growing network, you can drive through Europe and cross borders without problem using a single on-board-unit. This saves time, money and spares your nerves.

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Order 13 European tolls conveniently online
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Access to extensive database with tariffs and guidelines
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Charge your toll at borders across Europe via just one on-board-unit


Invest in the technology of the future

The subject of e-Mobility is not just a passing trend to us; it is something we are passionate about. We would like to join with you in making an important contribution in the field of transportation and climate change. Therefore, we support you with customised solutions for introducing and expanding an electric vehicle fleet. Together we will manage a gradual and economically beneficial transition to tomorrow’s sustainable mobility. Invest in electro-mobility today and take a crucial step into the future.

Comprehensive charging infrastructure

Long-term cost efficiency
Support climate protection
Valuable image enhancement in competition


Always be well looked after on the road

Our customers face many and varied challenges every day. We know that it is our responsibility to help them quickly and clearly in these difficult situations. Whether you need to find a parking place, change a tyre or obtain breakdown assistance: we are your reliable partner and offer you not only Europe’s largest fuel station network, but also a host of other services to ensure your safety and security. Our wide range of products and services is designed to allow you unrestricted mobility at all times across the whole of Europe.

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Europe-wide emergency service in 40 countries
24/7 serviceline
Free 24/7 service line
DKV Servicepartner
Multiple DKV service partners

Digital solutions

Work more efficiently and build your network

We believe the use of digital technologies is only worthwhile if they can be fashioned into tangible solutions that people can understand. We focus on digital solutions because we would like to simplify our customers’ everyday business activities. Our objective is to optimise processes in the office and enable you to drive carefree in your cockpit clear across Europe.

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24/7 availability
Diverse analysis and management tools
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Real-time processing and backup of your data
Easy-to-use app on the go

Financial services

Secure your liquidity

We handle many of your financial processes for you. Speed, security and cost transparency are the cornerstones of our support. One of our key services is obtaining the refund of VAT on goods and services purchased in EU countries other than your own. A rapid return flow of money can substantially improve your liquidity without additional hidden costs.

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Quick automated process for reimbursement
Dedicated contact at DKV with country-specific technical and language proficiency
Control over your liquidity
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Instant recognition of bills by majority of the European fiscal authorities