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Registration for toll in Slovakia

Register in 4 simple steps

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1. Fill out the customer form


Form (PDF)


Form (Excel)

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2. Supplement documents

The following documents are required for free registration in both the Pre-Pay and Post-Pay procedures:

  • extract from the Trade Register (not older than 3 months)
  • attestation of emission class (if not specified in the vehicle papers)
  • vehicle papers
  • bank details
  • VAT ID
  • and the national ID card of the signatory
  • power of attorney, if applicable

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3. Contact the DKV contact person

Please send your order to your personal DKV representative. If you don´t have the contact details ready to hand, you will find them at your responsible subsidiary .

Please note: It is essential that the registration documents are sent to DKV by ordinary mail, in their original versions only, signed, and stamped, if possible.

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4. Pick up OBU

After the registration applications have been processed, the OBU is provided direct by toll operator SkyToll. If shipping is paid by the recipient, the box can be delivered by courier; otherwise it will be available for collection at the so-called Contact Points or Distribution Points (mode of delivery or collection of the OBU must be specified in the corresponding addendum to the registration application).

Graphic Overview of Contact and Distribution Points (PDF)

Please note:

  • OBUs can only be returned to the Points of Sale (POS).

Any further questions regarding installation of the OBU and the purchase of the installation kit can be directed to the Slovakian Association of Transport Companies:

ČESMAD Slovakia

Settlement options

Pre-Pay Settlement

The Pre-Pay form can be conveniently filled out in advance and submitted at the Contact and Distribution Points. The pre-Pay OBU will be issued on the spot. Once credit has been loaded, settlement of toll in Slovakia can take off.

Post-pay settlement - Free registration

In the Post-Pay procedure, toll charges are recorded using the DKV CARD and subsequently settled by way of the card. This procedure is especially suited for frequent drivers.

Please take note of both versions of the Terms and Conditions:

Terms & Conditions of the toll operator Skytoll (PDF)

Terms & Conditions of the national motorway operator NDS (PDF)

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Additional ordering of OBU

For repeat orders of the OBU please fill out the following form completely: Order Form

In addition, the following documents are required:

  • Per vehicle, a copy of the vehicle registration certificate/ title
  • Attestation of emission class, if not specified on the vehicle registration certificate (e.g. CEMT licence).

Order form

Return of OBUs

Pre-pay OBUs must be returned to the Point of Sale (POS) (contact points or points of sale). Post-pay boxes may be returned only at the contact points.