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Toll information for Georgia

In general, no tax has to be paid for transit within Georgia. No toll is charged for roads, tunnels or bridges. However, foreign trucks are subject to a one-time road use fee.

Toll provider: Road Toll Card

General information



Valid for vehiclesRoutesBilling
≥ 12 tFreewaysRoad Toll Card / DKV CARD

Guideline for trucks

Truck on the road

The DKV CARD is a quick and secure way to pay the Georgian toll charge for transit transport vehicles (road toll card) at any of the WISSOL stations in the DKV network.

On driving into the customs clearance zone , a copy of the registration confirmation issued at the border must be handed to an authorised person at the customs station.


Easy payment with DKV CARD

DKV customers can settle their fuel at selected Wissol service stations via the DKV CARD without cash as well as pay the Georgian road toll for transit transport (Road Toll Card).

Benefits for DKV customers

  • Vehicle-related billing, no cash required
  • Clear total settlement
  • Secure payment process
  • Quickly find the nearest Wissel station using the route planner DKV Maps or the DKV APP


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