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Toll information for the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia)

Vignettes in the Baltic States are available as daily, weekly, monthly or annual vignettes..

Buy vignettes on the road (Lithuania and Latvia)

For Latvia and Lithuania, vignettes can be purchased at border crossings and petrol stations with the DKV CARD.

Buy vignettes online (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia)

In all Baltic states, you can also buy vignettes online at any time via the provider Baltic Tolls . Here, too, you can pay conveniently with your DKV CARD.

How the online purchase works

To do this, you as a customer must register once on the Baltic Toll Website with your vehicles and DKV cards.

After successful registration, you can book the vignettes for Lithuania (LV), Latvia (LT) and Estonia (EE) directly or for a later validity period.

  • You can either book directly on the Baltic Toll Website ,
  • via app (SMSvinjetes, available from Google Play or Apple App Store)
  • or via SMS.

Advantages for DKV Mobility customers

  • Vignettes can be paid online at any time and from any location with the DKV Card - now also in Estonia
  • You can buy your vignettes well in advance or just before you start your journey
  • Download proof of purchase to your cell phone when purchasing online
  • Vehicle-related billing, no cash required
  • Clear overall billing
  • Secure payment process



Valid for vehicleRoutesBilling option
> 3 tState and regional roadsVignette / DKV CARD



Valid for vehicleRoutesBilling option
Vans ≤ 3,5 t
> 3,5 t
Road A1 to A20Vignette / DKV CARD



Valid for vehiclesRoutesBilling option
> 3,5 tAll roadsSMSvinjetes / DKV CARD

Guideline for trucks

LKW passiert Mautbrücke


In Lithuania, the use of roads A1 to A20 is subject to tolls. Vans up to 3.5 tons, all trucks over 3.5 tons and buses with 8 seats or more are subject to tolls.


Latvia levies a highway toll for all vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 3 tons or more. All state and regional roads are affected. The time-based charge can be paid in the form of a daily, weekly, monthly or annual vignette.


In Estonia, all roads are subject to tolls. The toll applies to all vehicles heavier than 3.5 tons - buses are exempt.


Pay with DKV CARD

For Latvia and Lithuania, vignettes can be purchased at petrol stations

You can buy all Baltic vignettes - for Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia - anywhere and at any time online ( Baltic Toll ) and pay conveniently with your DKV CARD.

The vignettes are available as daily, weekly, monthly or annual vignettes.


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