GoMa 6.6 Sofware Update DKV BOX EUROPE Instruction for Fleet Manager

Attention: During the installation process, the driver is not allowed to drive through any affected toll domain.

  • Intuitive Change of trailer axles and weight in Germany
  • New warning for low battery to avoid unintended OBU turn off
  • new OBU menu language: Bulgarian
  • Improved stability and performance of the OBU

Please revert back to the national tolling solution and contact DKV with the exact description and image displayed on the OBU with OBU ID (sticker of OBU backside).

DKV Box Europe GoMA messages on he obu display
DKV Box Europe GoMa battery low new menu

1. Accss the main menu

2. Select "OBU information"

3. Select "RElease information"

4. Confirm by pressing the right OBU button

DKV Box Europe GoMa information screen